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Slots To Play With A Profit

We all know the phenomenon of explosive popularity of online poker. Poker is not the simplest game, offered by online gambling establishments. For the average player, poker can be even less favorable, than ordinary slots. However, in poker there is one thing that distinguishes it from other casino games. All typical casino games from the simplest game casino war and to the black jack, from the roulette to craps, and from the slot machines to machines for playing in video poker have one common feature. This feature is negative ME (mathematical expectation). I.e. in any casino game the gambler has a chance to win, but the longer is the distance of a game, the greater are the chances that the gambler will lose. In other words, playing in a casino, a gambler can win, he may even get the multi-million dollar jackpot, but he can’t do the one thing – regularly earning in the game. Nothing happens another way. If the casino makes the chances in the game equal (zero ME) or in favor of the gambler (positive ME), then accordingly gambling house either will not earn anything, or will simply lose money. Another matter is poker, because here the gamblers do not play against the casino, but against each other, and the game itself depends largely on the skill of the gambler, then for some, this game will be negative, for others zero, and only for a very small number of professional gamblers poker is a game with a positive ME, i.e. the game on which it is possible to earn.

The main disadvantage of online casino games is their negative ME for all. In some games, such as roulette or slot machines, the negative ME will be the same for all gamblers. In games such as video poker or blackjack, ME may be different, depending on the kind of strategy of game, to which the gambler adheres. I.e. for gamblers playing “mindlessly” ME can be significantly negative, for the gamblers adhering to the rules of basic strategy for playing blackjack or video poker negativity ME can be expressed only in some percent shares, however, it will always be negative.
At the same time, the nobles of the gambling business and the developers of casino games understand very well that nothing will attract interest to the game as possibility for some of the gamblers to regularly earn on it. The whole difficulty lies in the creation of such a game, in which a small part of the gamblers can play regularly in plus. Is it hard to believe in this possibility? Actually there is nothing special there. Examples are typical computer video games. Imagine that you are playing on them for money. Take any average computer game, where the gambler’s skill depends on the reaction and logical thinking. Let it be Tetris. Nearly all of the gamblers after a period of training will be able to pass a number of stages in this game. If before the game gamblers bet, and for the passage of each stage a certain part of the interest rate was paid out, taking into account the statistic data it would be quite possible to develop such a system of payments to a certain number of gamblers who can take pass the last stages of the game, where you need an incredible reaction and speed of thinking, would remain in plus. Naturally, the payoff table should be constructed in such a way that the gambler is “in plus” only in case of passing the last stages of the game, unavailable for a common gambler, with the usual reaction rate and the level of logical thinking.

Thus, we have before us a prototype of the game, which would have a positive mathematical expectation for some gamblers and would remain negative for others. Of course, the ratios of the game should be designed in such a way that the number of “positive” gamblers is minimal in relation to “negative” gamblers. At the same time, the very existence of “good gamblers” would nudge “negative” gamblers to a constant game in the “game with a possible positive ME”, that would give her the undoubted popularity, i.e., that we may observe in the modern online poker.

Unfortunately, this is still only a theory, though very close to realization. First of all it is connected with the fact that the main difference between any casino games and conventional video games is their certain simplicity. The passage of even a simple computer game requires a lot of mental and physical tension. Therefore, no matter how difficult the game is, the gaming process itself should be easy. At the moment, it seems to us that the most probable model of “profitable slot machine” would be a slot machine with bonus games, the passage of which would depend on the degree of reaction and (or) logical thinking of the gambler.

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