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The Interview With The Developer Of Slot Machines

Probably the main myth that slot machines in online casinos are fundamentally different from slot machines in the halls of the finest traditional casinos was shattered almost immediately. Maximilian Hoc having worked more than six years in one of the famous companies – the leading distributor and manufacturer of slot machines, argues that in both cases machines are the same.

“This whole business is high-tech,” he says. – Those who consider, that the modern slot machine has not gone far away from “one-armed bandit since the start of the century”, are wrong. In fact many of the technologies which are only beginning to be introduced in networks by mega companies, are applicable and in gambling business”.

Maximilian begins to tell about the basic principles of falling out of winnings, in terms of such terms as “volatility” – a word is familiar, but we first did not understand, how the dynamics of changes in market prices or the stock exchange is connected with the slot machines. Maximilian explains. Volatility is the level of “rigidity” of the game. You can often put in a little, and the machine will often give out small gains. This is a “soft” game. When there is a “hard” game the machine may take a while to pick up bets, and in the end will give a hefty payout. There are different types of gamblers according to the type of the game, the approach, and the companies-manufacturers are trying to develop mathematics for each of them. Ultimately the percentage of issue will be the same everywhere – you can just try a variety of ways to get it.

Again we are looking for a trick and remember that when there is a “hard” mathematics, it is quite possible the so-called band of winning, when the machine begins to give a few big wins in a row. Many believe that in this moment you can “catch a win”, and stories about the collusion of professional gamblers with the managers of the casino, when the manager under one or another pretext removes the gambler from “the issuing” machine and puts there his man, are increasing.

Maximilian shrugs: “In principle, the operator can improve, for example, the norm of issue for the individual gambler, but in most online casinos, working on the software of normal producers, it is impossible to do so, because the owner of the online casino has no direct access to the gambling system. All the important files are stored on the servers of an independent software provider. This means that the mathematics of the game of the owners of the online casino is not available.

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