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The Leaders Among The Slot Machines From Microgaming

Most gamblers, playing in video slots, are rather conservative people. Once formed their preferences to slot machines, they rarely change them later. Every experienced gambler has a certain set of favorite slot machines. Not all of them get interested in novelties -, first of all, the newcomers often peck on the novelties. As a result, many prefer quite definite classical games. May be, the new machines are more interesting in design, may be, they offer more original bonus games – but if in the consciousness of the formed a clear idea about the game, it is extremely difficult to destroy it and replace the old game to a new one.

In this article we will focus on the slot machines, created by the well-known company Microgaming. Of course, any company that makes software for games of chance, is engaged in monitoring the opinion, to be always ready to respond to the changing of attitudes to their products. It is this way analysts gathered the information about what video slots are more interesting to the visitors of the virtual casino.

The polls of gamblers have shown that the online casino’s customers are more interested in the old ones, which have already become classic, slots from Microgaming. It turned out that the factors such as the size of the jackpot or originality and attractiveness of bonus games have a very weak influence on the gambler’s choice. Coming to the casino, he wants what he is interested in. The theme has more influence on the selection of the machine for the game. Also gamblers are quite interested in the history of origin of this or that video slot.

As an example we can mention the famous video slot Tomb Raider. The company issued it quite a long time ago. Since then the continuation of this slot machine appeared. And, all the same, the original version continues to attract players.

Why are slot machines from Microgaming so popular? This is due to many reasons. Not the last of them, as has been already mentioned, is the design. Memorable characters, connection with well-known scenes of the game on the theme of popular films – all this is a safe variant. But, nevertheless, the possibility to win the progressive jackpot also attracts many gamblers. For example, the famous machine Mega Moolah is known by the fact that many jackpots fell out on it. This once again shows that the words about the fabulous winnings are not just words; they are confirmed by real deeds. As a consequence, any gambler dreams of being among those who get a next jackpot.

Finally we want to remember another great game from Microgaming. We are talking about a game called My Slot. For those of you who don’t know, it should be said about its distinguishing features. The fact is that the gambler can program this machine. Of course, we are not talking about curling the pseudo random number generator, so that he gives only winnings. But this machine gives you the opportunity to configure the thematic characters on the barrels, choosing them from a rather large image bank.

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