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The Popularity Of Slot Machines

In order to tell the story, it is best to tell it from the beginning. In our case, it all began in the USA. Terms, the current popularity of slot machines – it all came from there. In the 19TH century appeared the first slot machines, which because of a characteristic shape (on the side of the machine there was always a stuck lever, which it was necessary to pull) were called one-armed bandits.

At first operation of slot machines depended entirely on mechanics. One-armed bandits terribly rang and creaked. But the development of technology has led to the fact that gambling business moved to the Internet. The World Wide Web was filled with the video slots, which interface often reminded the old arcade machines, slots were similar to them according to the rules, however, differed significantly according to the principle of action. The pseudo random number generator, which is controlled by a special program, came to replace the mechanical rotation of the gaming barrels.

One of the first companies, thanks to which the popularity of slot machines in the Internet began to grow, was the company Microgaming. It was its employees that for the first time created the emulators of the classical one-armed bandits. However, the company has not rest on our laurels. It was obvious that the competitors would not sleep; therefore, they had to invent something new. In particular, the new was the expansion of the number of game barrels. A traditional slot machine had three barrels, and employees of the Microgaming decided that five would be all right. The amount of playing lines was also increased, due to which increased maximum bets, and this was followed by the growth of the winnings.

Another innovation was the progressive jackpot. Naturally, such a jackpot is simply impossible without using opportunities of the Internet. With the appearance of that novelty the popularity of slot machines increased even more, because in front of each player suddenly loomed the specter of unprecedented success. In what previous casino, you could win the amount of tens of millions dollars by a single click on a slot machine?

The competition forced providers to develop more and more new machines. Now it was difficult to expect a potential client to bite the bait in the form of figures, fruits, and vegetables, drawn on the barrels – what was shown on barrels of classical one-armed bandits. That is why thematic video slots, the design of which was connected with movies, games, comics, etc., appeared.

But the real breakthrough in the world of slot machines was, of course, the bonus games. They allowed for a while to dilute the monotony of traditional video slots and give the gambler an opportunity to express himself not only in pressing the button that started the next spin. Diversity is one of the components of success, and the makers of the machines, who had invented bonus games, knew it well. In addition, many bonuses imitate video games that had their fans. Now a part of the game fans went to test the slots in search of habitual for them plots. Well, and for the owners of the online casino it was a great way to increase the target audience.

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