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Video Poker vs Slots Machines

The majority of gamblers associate video poker with the one kind of slots – slot machines representing electromechanical rotating barrels, set in motion by pressing the button or video slots (the screen of the monitor creates illusion of spin of the barrels). Some believe that video poker is the same as the classic poker, only when the opponent of the gambler, instead of the other player is an automat. Both points of view are very far from being the truth. The difference between video poker and classical video slots is as great as the difference between video poker and classical poker.

Why do many gamblers practically do not make any difference between slots and video poker? Mainly because slot machines for the game of slots, as well as for the game of video poker are usually produced by the same firm. Machines for the game of video poker and slots are similar to each other in size and elements of design. Moreover, slot machines for the game of video poker and slots have the so-called “progressive versions” when several machines are united in a network and the gambler has a chance of winning the Jackpot.

Nevertheless, there are much more differences between video poker and slots than similarities. The main similarity between them is that in the game of slots a gambler is deprived of his choice. He should only throw a coin, or press the button and wait for the winning to fall out. Video poker is another thing. Here very and very much depends on the gambler’s actions. In contrast to the slots where the casino as a rule has the advantage in case of a long game from +5% to +20%, in video poker if the gambler uses a mathematically correct strategy this advantage may fall to +3% -+1%, and in some cases even become negative (up to -2%), which means the advantage of the gambler, and not of a casino.

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