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The Smartest Casino Has Been Opened In Las Vegas

Posted by on Thursday, January 12, 2012

The results of the past year have shown that in the gambling industry the city of Macau became the leading city, which surpassed in terms of revenue the former capital of the gambling world – Las Vegas. In the gambling zone Macau, special administrative region of China, record on the income derived from gambling (roulette, blackjack, and slot machines) and casino for the 2010 year was registered.

Apparently it was one of the most important reasons for opening by Las Vegas a new gambling establishment, which should surprise their guests by its unheard luxury and huge size. It is the glamour and grandeur that Las Vegas bet. The new casino will attract fans of gambling from all over the world, who prefer the classic gambling houses, where it is much more interesting to play popular games such as, for example, roulette and poker. But, perhaps, eager gamblers of internet casino or just regular tourists will want to have a look at the glamorous casino . Thus, Las Vegas can attract even more visitors, and also, if the project proves to be successful – to regain the former glory of the most exciting place on the Earth.

In order to be able to carry out such a project, 5 years before were spent on the construction of a new casino, judicial processes, as well as on investing in the project of billions of dollars. The opening of the new casino with the name of the Cosmopolitan Casino was held on December 15.

It is worth mentioning that this institution was bought by the German bank Deutsche Bank, which it bought in the period of economic crisis, however, the price was not affected – purchase of the “Deutsche bank” cost $ 4 billion.

Cosmopolitan Hotel, built on Las Vegas Street, is able to impress by its originality and luxury even the most demanding tourists or gamblers. Of course, the abundance of games of chance is huge – here you can play different types of popular games of internet casino – ranging from online roulette and ending with many other slot machines. The hotel has 3000 rooms. New casino was built in order to vanquish, and subdue visitors to Las Vegas and make them leave here as much money as possible. The area of the largest casino of the world is 9290 square meters. In the building there is a spa-salon Sahra Spa & Hammam, as well as a night club with several levels, located on the area of 550 square meters. In addition, there are 3 swimming pools and two clubs -a night and day ones. For fans of a healthy way of life the gambling establishment includes a fitness centre. Also Cosmopolitan Hotel has meeting rooms, luxury boutiques and many different restaurants.

Before the coming of the economic crisis the German bank was involved in investing in the construction of several casinos in the USA. Thus, in 2008, Deutsche Bank bought for 1 billion dollars the building of today’s Cosmopolitan Casino in the unfinished form. The previous owner of the building in the peak of the crisis could not make a payment to creditors.

However, as experts believe, “Deutsche bank” did not benefit from such a purchase, and more precisely – the return of the money investment is in doubt. This is due to the fact that Las Vegas, as well as many other popular online casinos, such as, for example, Europe Casino, has not yet returned to the indicators of profit, which he had before the crisis. However, eventual resell of the casino Cosmopolitan is in the plans of Deutsche Bank. When exactly this will happen – the bank does not report and probably doesn’t know yet itself.

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