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Are All Online Slots Multi-Denomination Games?

Posted by Adrian B on Monday, May 15, 2017

There will be plenty of different slot machines that will be affordable to you and your slot playing bankroll available in the online slot playing environment so never think playing slot games online is going to be an expensive pastime, as you can play for low or high stakes at each of our featured casino sites.

However, also be aware that you are going to be able to test but the vast majority of different slot machines for free and at no risk as each of our top rated casinos, so if you have never played slots online before you are more than welcome to do so at no risk to see if playing that way is something you enjoy doing and by playing for free you will not risk any of your own money when testing those slot games out!

Another thing you may be wondering about is whether you can play slot machines and slot game online in your home currency or will you be mocked to have to turn your home currency into another before you can play online slots, well most casino sites these days do offer multi-currency option settings so players at most casino can choose the most preferable currency as the one to set their accounts at!


Multi-Currency Progressive Slot Machines

One important thing to be aware of if you do fancy playing progressive slot machines online and you are playing at a casino site offering their players the option of setting their casino accounts to one of several different currencies is that the seed values on some slot machines are likely to be different than their published ones when a jackpot is won.

The reason for that is that most online multi-currency progressive slot machines use one currency for the seed value of the slot, and as such for example if you are playing a slot machine from Microgaming their progressive jackpot seed values use GBP as the ones they reset to.

If you play one of their slot machines in any other currency that GBP and another player wins the jackpot in another currency other than GBP the seed value of that slot machine will be reset to its GBP one and the different between GBP and the currency won will also be added to that seed value, but all pays have an equal chance of winning one of those progressive jackpots.


Slot Game Bonuses and Promotions

By aware that it doesn’t really matter which currency you use as the one to set your casino account at you are going to be offered all manner of different promotional offers and bonuses both as a first time new player at any casino site but also as a loyal regular player too.

It doesn’t matter which currency you play online slot machines for as the payout percentages on offer on the slot machine you are playing are not going to chance when using one currency instead of another and you will always therefore get a fair chance of winning irrespective of the currency you are playing in!

Just do make sure however that you set the currency account setting on any casino accounts you do decide to open, whether an online casino site account or a mobile casino account to the currency you use at home, as that way when you make a deposit into that site or make a withdrawal the value of your deposits and withdrawals will not be reduced in value due to you having to pay any currency exchange rate fees and charges!



If you do want to play any type of slot machines online or for that matter any type of online casinos games or even mobile casino games and slots too, then in addition to you always being best advised to sign up to such sites and selecting your own home currency as the one in use on your casino account you should also try and ensure the casino site you have chosen to play at is licensed in your own home country too.

That way you will have the peace of mind in knowing that the casino site is going to be operating to the very highest of industry standards as required in your home country of residence and you will also have a direct channel of communication to the licensing authority or commission if you experience any problems that the casino site you are playing at cannot resolve.

But most of all always have fun when you do play slot machines in any playing environment, and always set yourself a bankroll and budget and stick to it, and if you do fancy playing some slot games right now feel free to checkout our featured casinos sites websites for details of some very high valued bonus offers!

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