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How often are Random Progressive Jackpots paid Out to Players?

Posted by Adrian B on Monday, June 19, 2017

You will often be tempted to play slot games on which there are randomly awarded progressive jackpots available, for when playing those slots you do of course have a chance of winning one of those jackpots on absolutely any spin you play off.

As most random jackpot awarding slot games also do not require you to play for a certain stake level to have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot there are very appealing slots to players who much prefer playing for very low stake amounts.

In fact, many players simply set about playing such slots for tiny stake levels and then configure the auto play setting to allow them to play off hundreds of even thousands of base game spins, safe in the knowledge that any one of those spins could be a jackpot winning one!

This guide is therefore going to be taking a look at a small collection of online slots, all of which offer live progressive jackpots, but jackpots that are awarded to players at random via some form of bonus game or even at random at the end of any paid for base game spin so read on and then do try your luck on some of the following slots when you can do!


Slots That Award End of a Paid Spin Random Jackpots

You will need to track down some of the Real Series slot games if you do want to experience the delights of playing a range of slots on which you can win a progressive jackpot simply at the end of any paid for base game spin you play off.

What paid for means is exactly that, at the end of any base game spin that you have placed a wager on for that spin you could be awarded with a progressive jackpot, however you do not have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot on for example a free spin awarded via a bonus game.

As all Real Series slot games do offer a different playing structure, their own set of pay table set winning payouts and of course all manner of different and unique bonus games you will find them exciting slots to play even if you do not win the progressive jackpots, however there is always going to be a chance you will win one of the jackpots on offer!

Be aware quite a number of Real Series slots, which by the way have been designed and supplied by Real Time Gaming offer more than one randomly awarded progressive jackpot, so when playing those slots you get double the chances of winning a progressive jackpot at random!


Random Bonus Games That Award Progressive Jackpots

It will be at Microgaming powered casino sites that you will have to visit and play at if you want to try your chances winning a progressive jackpot but one that is initially awarded via a randomly awarded bonus game.

It is their range of Mega Moolah slots which boast such a feature and when playing them for any stake amount what you will be hoping to see on any base game paid for spin of their reels is a Mega Moolah massage dropping onto your slot game screen.

When you do that is the trigger for that bonus game on which you then have to spin a bonus wheel, that bonus wheel is going to see you being guaranteed of winning one of four different sized progressive jackpot, depending on which of the segments of the wheel are spun in.

The lower valued jackpots get won every few minutes or so on all of those slots so you do have something of a much greater chance of winning one of them when playing the Mega Moolah slots than you ever would playing the Real Series slot games mentioned above!



What you do need to understand as a slot player however is that every single slot you can get stuck into playing will be giving you a random outcome, and even slots on which there are several different valued progressive jackpots that are randomly awarded may never actually award those jackpots to you!

Some players do however get all the luck in the world when playing slot games, and could win a large number of random jackpots, but keep in mind if you become obsessed about trying to win one of them and keep on playing a slot trying to win one you could never actually do so!

You can quite easily spend way more than the actual value of a progressive jackpot by trying to win one of them, and think how you would feel if you do spend a fortune doing so only to find out another player has just won that jackpot you have been chasing!

With that in mind you will always be best advised to select a stake level at which to play random jackpot slots for, and also set a budget too, and once you have exhausted that bankroll then call it a day and do not keep on playing!

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