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How Often Do Slot Games Payout Over 100%?

Posted by Adrian B on Monday, March 13, 2017

Every slot machine you will find online, at a mobile casino site or even in a land based casino is going to have its own unique preset long term expected payout percentage.

The payout percentage is displayed somewhere on the slot machine, pay table or on the help files of each game and is going to allow you to see how much money you are likely to win from that slot machine over the long term.

The most common payout percentage found on the majority of slot machines will be between 94% and 96% and as such for example when you are playing a slot machine offering a payout percentage of say 96% over your long term play you can expected to get 96.00 returned as winning payouts for every 100.00 you play through on that machine.

However, keep in mind that the long term could be a very long time and as much whenever you do play a slot machine you are going to find the payout percentage and your winning payouts on that single session can vary greatly and be much lower or higher than the payout percentage the slot machine has been designed to return.


Locating the Best Paying Slot Machines

It is always possible to locate and play a slot machine that is going to return a payout percentage of over 96%, as it will be dependent on how long you play that slot machine for and how much you are lucky enough to win when playing it.

You could sit down to play a slot machine, play it for 1.00 per spin for example and then on your very first spin achieve a winning payout via the base game or via any bonus game or bonus feature you are lucky enough to trigger of say 10.00, in such circumstances your payout percentage at that point is way over 100%!

The best tip we can give you for actually locating the best paying slot machines is to pay a visit to any of or featured casino site websites and hunt around for the payout percentage information.

If the casino you are looking over via their website is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission that gaming regulator demands that all of their license holders lists somewhere on their website the payout percentages that each slot machine has been set to payout, so by looking up that information you can find which are the highest paying slots and stick to playing them!


All Slots are Random

The one thing that you need to keep at the forefront of your mind is that all slot machines are going to give a completely random outcome to players. Therefore you are going to win and lose at different times when playing them.

You could win and win and win when playing one single slot machine or if you are not lucky you could end up playing a slot player that does nothing more than gobble our money up!

You are going to be best advised to always have in mind a budget to play slot machines, and always stick to that budget for it can be very tempting to continue playing when you have quickly lost you initial set aside bankroll in the hope you can in it back and more besides.

However, also have a winning goal in mind when playing real money slot machines anywhere, and if you do reach that amount then cash out those winnings and your initial starting bankroll and stop playing, you will feel better about winning if you do cash out as opposed to losing your winnings back by continuing to play on!



One thing that is going to allow you to get more play time from your gambling budget is a casino bonus, in fact out are going to find there are no shortages of casino sites that are giving any some high valued bonuses to both their new first time depositing players and also their regular players too.

As such please consider using a bonus to help extend your play time and possibly your winning chances too, but only claim bonuses that have a very fair set of terms and conditions attached to them.

Casino comps are another way to help you get more playing value and what you are going to find is that many casino sites will be offering you a loyalty scheme or comp club scheme when you play their slot machines for real money.

However, be prepared to do some shopping around for the value of the comps awarded at different casinos and the redemption rates can and will vary from casino to casino, and by playing at a generous casino site with a good comp club scheme in place you will get more extras from your gambling action!

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