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Slot Game Variance Explained

Posted by Adrian B on Saturday, July 5, 2014


You may not be aware of something that every single slot game has got attached to it, due to the way it has been designed which can affect you playing pleasure and also your winning chances, and that is something known as variance.

Slot variance is best described as the way in which a slot is going to play out whenever you give it any amount of play time, and there are three different types of slot variance attached to every single slot game you are going to find whether they are online slots, land based slots or slots you can play on a mobile device!

Below is an overview of the three different types of slot game variance along with a description of how this variance affects the way any slot game is going to play and operate. We would suggest that you familiarize yourself with the three types of slot variance, for it will help you choose to a slot game to play that is suitable to your gambling budget, style of play and whether you want a low or high risk type of slot playing session.


Low Variance Slots

Should you enjoying playing one particular slot game as it always can be relied on to give you lots of low valued winning combinations spinning in whenever you play it, then that slot is probably a low variance type of game.

A low variance slot is one which has been designed in such a way that you are much more likely to spin in lots of the lower valued winning combinations when playing the base game, and when you trigger any bonus features attached to these types of slots you often find they award a modest amount of cash but those bonus games do seem to trigger more often than when you are playing other slots.

Low variance slot games are ideal if you are playing at an online casino and want the maximum play time, and they are also great slots to play when you have a bonus in our casino account, for due to the high hit frequency of the lower valued winning payouts you should get plenty of fun when playing them and a chance of meeting the play through requirements attached to those bonuses!


Medium Variance Slots

The next type of slot game variance you will find attached to a lot of slot games through their unique design are the mid or medium variance slots. When you play these types of slots there will be fewer lower valued winning combinations forming, but you will have an increased chance of spinning in some much larger winning combinations.

Also when playing a medium or mid variance slots you are likely to find the bonus games whether they are free spins awarding bonus games or pick to win or even pick and match type of bonus feature rounds, can and do give you some larger than average winning payouts from time to time.

Whilst it is certainly true to say that a medium variance slot is much more riskier to play than a low variance slot, thanks to the chance of you winning some larger cash payouts they may be more appealing to slot players with a slightly larger than average slot playing bankroll, and for players who are prepared to take a few risks when playing slot games!


High Variance Slots

The final type of slot game you will come across, and these games are usually found in large numbers, are what are known as high variance slots. Now these slots need to be treated with caution and lots of respect for whilst they can award players with some truly massive winning payouts, when playing them you need to be aware they are high risk slots.

Often these high variance slots will look like fairly standard slot games with lots of different stake options, but due to their design they will not award you with lots of winning combinations as the low or even mid variance slot games tend to do.

You will instead be playing slots that rarely award low valued winning payouts, whilst they will form time to time and can spin in low valued paying combinations, these slots have reel symbols on the reel strips that can and very occasionally will spin in some huge mega sized winning payouts.

These slot games are not suitable for the casual type of slot player or any player with a conservative outlook on playing slots, for if you experience a series of losing spins, one after another, then they can quickly decimate your slot playing budget!

The main attraction of high variance slots is that due to the huge payout potential they are worth playing more so when you have built up, through a series of winning payouts on other slots a larger bankroll and then want to play a slot in such a way that you have the chance of putting into play one final boom or bust slot playing session.

Always look at the pay table of any slot you are playing and if you notice the slot has for example got Wild Multiplier symbols, that can boost the value of winning payouts by some large amounts when one of more of these types of symbols spin in, then there is a very good chance that particular slot is a high variance slot!



It is of course very important that when you are going to play slot games either online or in a land based venues, that you fully understand the type of variance any slots that have taken your fancy have been designed to play out as.

When you have a small limited bankroll you are probably best off playing the low variance type of slot games if you want an extended type of playing session, for by playing high variance slots when you have only got a small bankroll will often see your gaming budget being eaten away quite quickly, unless you are lucky enough to spin in a high paying winning combination that is!

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