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Are Bingo Slots Worth Playing?

lucky-witch-slotYou will find that you are going to be able to play slot games at online casino sites, betting sites and even bingo sites, so you do not necessarily need to sign up to an online casino as many other types of gambling sites will have plenty of slot games on offer to you.

However, you may have lots of questions in regards to for example playing slot games online or on a mobile device but when playing them at a bingo site instead of your usual online casino.

If that is the case then the following guide will be of interest to you, for we are going to answer lots of the most commonly asked questions regarding playing slot games at bingo sites. So please do read on for we are sure you will find the answers to those questions informative and helpful in regards to helping you to decide whether to play bingo slots online or not!

However, one thing to point out first is that the bonuses you are likely to be able to claim at bingo sites tend to be only for the bingo games and not the slot games, so you will often get the best valued bonuses and bonus that you can use on slot games are casino sites instead of bingo sites!


Which Gaming Platforms Have Bingo Slots?

You may be surprised to learn that all of the major online casino game platform suppliers and game designers also make available to their customers a range of online bingo platforms, and as such if you want to play bingo online but on gaming platforms you are familiar with then there are of course plenty of them available.

Microgaming have designed their own bingo platform which is actually now available as a no download web browser compatible gaming platform for when you play at any bingo site using their software you will also find a fully downloadable bingo app is available.

The one main attraction of playing at a bingo site using Microgaming software is that all of the slot games you will come across are the very same ones that are available at online casino sites using their software platforms.

If you enjoy playing a very diverse range of slots then do make sure you look for a bongo site offering Microgaming software. In fact by playing the progressive bingo slots you will find the jackpot pools are networked into the online and mobile casino platforms, so you can win big when playing those same slot games at a bingo site.

Plus if you ever do beat the odds and manage to win a jackpot playing Microgaming progressive slots at a bingo site then you will be paid those winnings in a single payment. In fact one of the highest ever Mega Moolah slot jackpots was actually won at a Microgaming powered bingo site

Another online casino software and game designer and supplier who have now made a large number of their online slot games available to bingo site players is Playtech, and one thing you will enjoy about their bingo and online slots is that they always come with some very high payout percentages attached to them.

Just make sure that if you do decide to play at an online bingo site as opposed to an online casino site that any of the bonuses that will always be made available to you can be used on the slot games, as often the bingo site bonuses can only be used on the bingo games, which means you may miss out on as many bonuses as you will be able to claim at an online casinos site when you choose to play at an online bingo site!



You will not find any major differences in regards to the type of slot game you are going to find on offer to you when you choose to play at an online bingo sites, however there will always be many more slot games available at online casino sites.

So you should not be in a rush to sign up to play slots at a bingo site as opposed to a casino site unless of course you want to play mainly bingo games.

However, when it comes to bonuses and also slot game comps and loyalty bonuses you are always going to be much better off playing at an online casino site. In fact most of our featured and top rated online casino sites also have a small yet unique range of bingo themed games on offer.

So do check some of our casino reviews out for details of what the bingo themed games are and how they work and operate as you can have plenty of fun and winning opportunities available to you when you choose to play them!

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