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Are Fixed Odds Slots Better than Standard Slots?

dance-of-the-masai-slotYou will find that there are several different slot games available at casino sites that use the Playtech Casino Software Platform which are known as Fixed Odds Slots. You will usually only find one of these types of games available to play at each casino using that gaming platform, however the slot is usually named after the casino at which you are playing at.

So even though you may think these slots are different the way they play and pay is the same it is just the name of the slot that is different! If you have never come across Fixed Odds slots before then they offer a completely new and unique type of slot playing gaming experience and they actually work in a completely different way to all other slots.

Fixed Odds slot machine are presented as simple looking and playing 3 reel, one payline slots and much like every other slot you can play them for different stakes, however if you any giving any of these type of slot games any amount of playtime we would advise you to keep on reading to find out how they work and by doing so you will be able to make up your own mind as to whether Fixed Odds slots are betting than standard slots!


How Do Fixed Odds Slot Games Work and Operate?

All Fixed Odds slot games are foremost and foremost completely random, and as such you will have just as much chance of winning or losing over the long term as you would when you play these or any other types of slot games.

However, the way in which they work is very unique. When you first take a look at any of the differently named Playtech Fixed Odds slot machines you will notice that there is a pay table attached to the top of the slot game, and this listed 8 different three or a kind winning payouts and 1 x2 of a kind and a single one of a kind winning combinations, the latter ones are usually the single and double Cherry winning payouts.

At the side of these winning combinations you will find the odds that you are paid out at, should you spin in the respective winning combination, but the only way to be awarded with those winning payouts is to actually have played a bet on that winning combination!

For unlike all other slot games you will find online, you do not pay a single stake amount and get to benefit from being able to spin in all of the winning payouts listed on a slot games pay table when you play this slot, you can to pick how many of those winning combinations you want to place a bet on and also choose a stake for each one you pick and then hope one of those you pick will be spun in.

If you spin in a winning combination and you have not placed a wager on that winning combination then you have had a losing spin and no winning payout will be awarded to you!


What Can I Win Playing Fixed Odds Slots?

There is a range of winning payouts on offer on Playtech’s Fixed Odds slot games and you will of course need to pick which ones you wish to bet on before clicking on the spin button to send the three reels into live play.

The lowest valued winning payouts are attached to the single cherry winning combination and the double cherry winning combination, for when you spin in either of those two winning combinations you will be paid out at odds of x2 and x5 respectively.

The next set of winning payouts will rise up in value, and the maximum single winning payout you can bet on and win when playing any of these Fixed Odds slot game is a 100 to 1 winning payout, this will be awarded to you for spinning in all three of the jackpot symbols on the one payline when you have of course placed a wager on that betting opportunity and winning combination.

Do be aware that the actual jackpot symbol on all of Playtech’s Fixed Odds slot games is going to vary depending on just which casino site you log into and play at, whilst all of the other symbols including Bells, Grapes, Oranges and Lemons as the same as are their associated winning payouts.

Please be aware that you are not going to be able to trigger a bonus type feature game when playing these Fixed Odds slot games online, in fact there are only two things you need to do when playing hem the first is to place a stake on your chosen combination and the other thing that you have to do is to then click on the spin button!



If you do wish to give the Fixed Odds slot games some play time then make sure you give them some play time at one of our featured Playtech powered casino sites, for when you do so they will let you play them for free at no risk what so ever, and then if you do enjoy the way they play and pay they will then give you a bonus when you make your first initial deposit into your casino account.

So do have a look around our site for we have in-depth reviews of every single casino site you will find listed on this website and also you will also find a range of exclusive new player sign up offers that will be instantly available to you when you sign up and log into your account for the very first time, some of those bonuses by the way could be no deposit bonuses, so get looking!

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