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Are there any Advantages of using Auto Play when Playing Slots?

curry-in-a-hurry-slotMany online casino game software platforms have lots of different player adjustable option settings and controls and one that you may come across and one that you may be unsure of how it works is the auto play setting.

Be aware that this is simply a way of you being able to set a slot game to play itself automatically without you having to click on the start button to set each individual spin you play off in motion! When playing at some online casinos namely those using Microgaming Software you will find the auto play settings are often found by clicking on the Expert Button located at the side of the slot games main control buttons.


What Auto Play Options Settings are Available?

Let us now take a look at all of the many different option settings you will be able to pick and choose from when you opt to put the auto play setting into action. The first thing you will obviously be able to do is to pick just how may spins you want to send into play automatically, be aware that a recent change in the law in the UK means that you are not going to be able to set more than 25 spins into play automatically at a time, but players from other countries will of course be able to play off as many spins as they wish to play and those spins can be in the thousands!

You will also be able to pick the stake levels and also the number of paylines and the number of coins you will be playing on each payline, and as such you will have full control over just how many spins and the cost of each spin you send spinning automatically.

You can also set the slot to play each spin either at its normal speed or via a fast play settings and when opting for the latter a large number of spins can then be played off in the shortest amount of time.

You will also be able to set the auto play setting to stop as soon as a bonus game feature round is awarded to you and you will also be able to set the auto play setting to stop when either your credits have increase by a certain amount of when a jackpot has been spun in or when your account balance has been reduced by a certain amount.


Bonus Play Auto Play Benefits

The main benefit you will get from using a slot machines auto play feature setting is when you have claimed any casinos bonus offer and have to play through that bonus and even you deposited amount a huge number of times before you will be in a position to make winning cash outs.

What many players tend to do when faced with a large play through requirement on any bonus they have added to their online casino account is to first locate a slot game which has a high payout percentages and also one that is structured as a low variance slot and will then set the game into play using the auto play settings.

They will set just enough automatic spins to be played off that ensures that when the final one has been played off they will have reached the play through requirement for that bonus and by doing this it will save them having to sit there with a calculator keeping track of the value of each spin played off!

However, be aware that some online casinos now do not permit you to use the auto play option when you have claimed any type of bonus and will even void any winnings if you choose to use the auto play feature with a bonus in your account, so if you do plan on using auto play to churn through your play through requirements always make sure there are no rules or terms and conditions attached to that bonus that do not permit you to do so, or you run the risk of having any winnings you do manage to achieve being voided by the casino!



As you have just found out there are both pros and cons of using the auto play feature when you are playing slot games online, however if you have never utilized this slot game option before then also have a look at just what options are available to you from the auto play ones, as there are often lots of additional ways to set the slots to play when using auto play.

Whilst may players will never wish to play an online slot using auto play as the thrill of playing slots is somewhat distracted from when you use this feature and wander off to do something else, it is always worth remember that option is available if suddenly something crops up and you need to leave your computer and do something else, which will be very handy if the amount of time for example that you have left to play off a bonus is rapidly running out!

Please note that if you choose to take part in an online slot game tournament you will very rarely if ever find the auto play option is available on the tournament slot games, so you will have to sit there clicking away and tapping on the spin button as quickly as you can for the duration of that slot tournament!

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