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Are there any Benefits of Slow Playing Slots?

You will find lots of different options settings are on offer on every single online slot machine you come across, and those option settings will allow you to adjust the audio and volume, screen size and also set the slot games to play themselves automatically too.

However, many online slot games also have a special setting that will allow you to either speed up or slow down the rate at which the reels will spin and then stop, an you may be wondering if there are going to be any benefits of playing slot machine online at a much reduced pace.

With that in mind we will guide you through any pros and cons of playing slot game online slower as opposed to playing them rapidly and that will allow you to make up your own mind as to whether to make use of the slow or fast play option settings available on most slot machines!

Just remember, no matter where or when you play any type of slot machine online you should always play responsibly and only ever play with money you can afford to lose as being random games of chance you can lose just as easily as you can win when playing slot games in any playing environment!


Win and Lose Slower

When playing slot machines at a much slower pace than you usually play them for you will of course lose slower and win slower too, and whilst that may or may not be of interest to you if you only have a small bankroll and you want to get lots of play time then slowing down the rate at which the reels spin and stop may be appealing.

Be aware though that the speed at which you play off each spin will have no reflection on your overall winning chances, as every slot game is random by its design and will of course have a pre-determined long term expected payout percentage.

You will find however that when playing low variance slot game you will get many more lower valued winning combinations spinning in and as such that will ensure you get plenty of additional play time as you will be recycling your stake money over and over again.

So if you do want to have lots of lower valued winning combinations spinning in and then make sure the slot game you do make a beeline to play are those which boast a low variance playing structure!


Extended Slot Playing Sessions

The most obvious advantage of playing slot machines much slower than normal is you will get much longer slot spinning sessions however you may soon get bored of playing off each spin slowly and be craving a much faster type of gaming session.

If that is the case, then be aware that all casino sites will shower you with bonuses either as a newly registered playing at those sites or on an ongoing basis if you have been a loyal and regular player at those casino sites.

The best valued bonuses that any slot player can claim and make use of are 100% or higher deposit match bonuses so be on the lookout for those types of bonus offers for those additional bonus credits will give you more ammunition to play your chosen slot games with and you will be able to play off those credits at your own pace too!


You Will Still Earn Comp Points!

One thing that will allow you to get lots of additional slot playing value no matter how quickly or slowly you do decide to play any slot games is that all of our rated and approved casino sites will have in place at their casino sites a comp or loyalty club scheme.

When you play off any spin the amount of cash you have wagered one each spin will see you being awarded with comp points, and it doesn’t matter if each spin is a losing one or a winning one you will still be earning those points.

By saving them up in your comp club account you will be able to cash them in and swap them for playing credits at a time of your own choosing, and by playing at just one casino site as opposed to spreading your gaming action round you will also rise up through the ranks of the comp club at the casino site you are play at.

The higher you do make it into any comp clubs tiers the more point you will earn when playing slots for real money and the lower the redemption rates will be for redeeming and exchanging your comp points into playing credits, so try to find one casino to play at and give them the majority of your gaming action to benefit from lots of additional extras and more rewards too!

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