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Benefits of Entering Slot Tournaments

days-of-the-tsar-slotThere are plenty of ways that you can play slot games, you can play in the standard way whereby you choose a real money stake option and put your money at risk on every single spin. You can opt to play for free but by doing so you will never have the chance of winning anything, or you could opt to take part and play in one or more of the many different types of slot tournaments that are on offer every single day of the week.

In this guide we are going to introduce you to slot tournaments and let you know how they work and the benefits of taking part in them. If you only have a small slot playing strategy or have no gaming budget what so ever then there will be a slot tournament for you, and every one you take part in will give you a chance of winning real money, even if you play them for free!


What are Slot Tournaments?

The easiest way to describe what a slot tournament is, will be to simply look at them as a slot playing competition. You will be simply tasked with playing a slot for a certain amount of time, and you need to try and win as much as you can before the timer ticks down to zero.

You will be allocated a number of tournament credits each time you take part in a slot tournament, but it is the winnings that you accumulate during that tournament that will be added together and used as your final score.

The player or players who have the highest score once the slot tournament finishes will then win a share of the prize money on offer. Some slot tournaments will have just one prize on offer whilst some of them will have many different cash prizes, which are awarded on a sliding scale, with the highest scoring players winning a larger share of the prize pool!

You need to be aware that there are two ways in which any winnings you are awarded in a slot tournament will be credited to your account, the vast majority of slot tournament prizes are awarded as cash which you are free to cash out at any time, and some slot tournament cash prizes are awarded as bonus cash, and as such, you will have to play through those winnings by playing other casino games before you can then cash out any winnings.


What Kind of Slot Tournaments are Available?

You can find lots of free to enter slot tournaments when you are logged into several of our featured online casino sites, and you will also find plenty of slot tournaments which will require you to pay an entry fee to take part in them.

Some tournaments will also let you purchase another entry when you have used up all of your tournament credits, in fact you can purchase something known as a Re-Buy in which your original score on any slot tournament will be wiped clean and you then get to enter that tournament again from the start in exchange of that additional entry fee.

Or you can opt to purchase something known as an Add On and when you purchase one of these any score achieved is your original entry into a slot tournament will remain in place and for that additional Add On fee you get another set of tournament credits and all winnings won via that additional entry will be added to your original score.

Some slot tournaments can run over several days, weeks or months, however you will often find the majority of slot tournaments only last for a short period of time, and as such you need to be online and ready to play in them once they go live.


What Online Casinos offer Slot Tournaments?

You will find some of the largest numbers of daily slot tournaments at online casinos that utilize the Microgaming gaming platform, however, if you are unable to play at sites powered by that software company then do checkout some of our featured Real Time Gaming software powered casinos, for they accept lots of players based in countries which are not permitted to play at Microgaming powered sites and they do of course have plenty of slot tournaments on offer!

You will also find that some casinos online offer a range of other casino game tournaments so if you are a fan of playing Blackjack or video Poker for example you will find several of those casino games being used as the base game on several tournaments at our featured sites, so do check those sites out, as there are lots of cash prizes up for grabs every day of the week!



As you can see from above, taking part in a slot tournament is going to give you a great chance of winning some large payouts either for paying a modest entry fee or by taking full advantage of a free to enter slot tournament.

With there being several different types of slot tournaments all offering their own unique playing structure, please always do spend a few moment having a read through the tournament rules before you register to take part in them, as no two tournaments are the same, and with there being many different slot games being used in slot tournaments, you will need to get a good understanding of the best way of playing each of those slots whilst involved in a slot tournament!

Have a look around our website for we have lots of slot game reviews and slot playing guides and by reading through those reviews and guides you will soon find out the best ways of playing every type of online slot optimally and in such a way that you will have the maximum winning chances!

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