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Best Slot Games for Mobile Casino Players

age-of-discovery-slotAs you may find yourself willing to play all manner of different slot games on your mobile device in the coming days, weeks or months, we have chosen to put together this mobile slot game playing guide that is going to introduce you to a large array of different mobile slot games.

You are of course probably going to be looking for slot games you enjoy playing, and as each player will have their own ideas of just which mobile slots they will want to play we have included a slot from each of the many different mobile slot game categories below.

However, what makes each of these slot games the very best ones you can play is that they have been designed to give you more of your stakes back as winning payouts, for these mobile slots all come with the very highest payout percentages.

Have a look through this overview of the best slot games for mobile casino players, for you are also going to be able to test them out for free if you want to see if they are as good as they sound, and playing them for no risk is something you can do right now by visiting any of our mobile casino sites all of which come highly recommended!


Low Tech Fast Playing Mobile Slot Games

There are two slot games which are classed as low tech mobile slots these are slots on which due to their unique design you are not going to be able to trigger any type of bonus games or bonus feature rounds. Instead when playing the following to slot you will have a rapid slot playing session but one that due to the very high payout percentage should ensure you always get the maximum possible winning opportunities as the reels are spinning and then come to a stop!

The first slot game you should play is the Reel Thunder slot game, this is a nine payline slot which can be accessed and played for one of several different stake amounts, and when playing it you could spin in on any of your activated pay lines a 10000 coin jackpot payout.

Another low tech and rapid playing mobile slot game that we think you are going to love playing is the Couch Potato slot game. This slot is one on which just one payline can be activated and it is also a three reel slot, but its mega sized payout percentage should ensure plenty of winning combinations can be spun in, including its 15000 coin jackpot payout which is only on offer if you play three coins per spin!


Bonus Game Packed Mobile Slots

If you do not fancy playing the more basic slot game such as those we have introduced you to above, then there are of course more than enough fast paced and all action mobile slot games that have been designed as bonus game awarding mobile slots.

One that has been getting lots of rave reviews off mobile slot players is the Thunderstruck II slot game, what makes this a very interesting yet unique mobile video slot is that by playing it more and more you get to unlock lots of different options in regard sot how you can play off a set of free spins awarded when three or more scatter symbols spin in.

Not only that, but as soon as you have clicked on the spin button of this mobile slot to send its five video reels spinning you could be awarded with a special Wild Reels bonus feature round. When that bonus game is randomly awarded to you then up to five of the reels get instantly turned into wild reels.

As you are playing a massive 243 ways to win per spin you send into live play on the Thunderstruck II slot game, if you are lucky enough to get all five of the reels turning wild you will then win the jackpot 243 times! So you could win some mega amount of cash when playing this slot on your mobile device, so make sure you do allocate some of your next mobile gaming session to playing this very exciting slot game.

Another mobile slot game which you may enjoy playing which has just gone live on Microgaming’s mobile gaming platform is the Age of Discovery mobile slot. This game will let you put into play up to 25 paylines per spin and when its bonus game is triggered by you successfully spinning in three or more of the slot games scatter symbols a picking game is then awarded to you.

What makes this bonus game such an exciting one to play off is that you are not allocated a number of picks you instead get to pick off locations from the bonus game screen until you reveal a cross symbol at which point the bonus picking game will end. This means that if you avoid picking off the locations with the cross symbol and keep on picking cash awarded positions some large cash awards can be achieved via this regularly award bonus feature game!



Always have a look around at the different types and categories of mobile slot game son offer at any mobile casino site you choose to play at, for not only will you find lots of three reel basic playing slot games to play but you will also find plenty of video slot games which could see you triggering and being awarded all manner of different bonus games and bonus features.

Plus do not forget that a lot of mobile casino sites now have the same progressive slot games as are found at online casino sites and those slots share the same jackpot pool so you could win one of those jackpots when playing at any mobile casino sites offering those progressive jackpot awarding slots!

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