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Best Slots to Play over New Year

happy-new-year-slotYou will often find that when you log into an online or mobile casino site, you are going to find a range of slot games that are themed around the time of year. As such if you are thinking of playing slot games in or around the New Year then take a look through the following slot playing guide.

For whilst there are plenty of slot games which do boast some form of New Year theme, there are lots of additional slot games which are always worth playing due to their high payout percentages and the high valued jackpots they have attached to them.

Take a look through this New Year slot playing guide for when you do we are going to introduce you to several slots that you may never have played online before, but these are slots that are popular slot games and they are popular for the reasons set out below!


Best Progressive Slots to Play

The best slot games to play over the New Year if it is progressive slot games you wish to play are those which have a jackpot that has grown in value way higher than the usual amount they tend to drop at!

By playing progressive slots which have a higher than usual jackpot here is a good chance that jackpot maybe amount to drop, so do look out for them! Also look out for and give the progressive slot games which have randomly awarded jackpot attached to them as those jackpots’ can and are won by players at any time!


Video Slots worth Playing

You are going to be overwhelmed when you start taking a look through any online casinos slot game menu if it is video slot games you wish to play, for that is the one category of slot that you will find most casinos usually have hundreds of games available in!

With that in mind you need to determine just what it is about video slot games that excites you the most, if you like slots offering bonus games that trigger regularly or you want to play slots offering you the chance of winning big for low stakes then you are going to find plenty of different video slots offering bonuses games, high payout percentages and even some with progressive jackpots.

Just make sure you initially play a few different slots and experience what makes each of them unique, for we can guaranteed when it comes to playing slots over the New Year you are always going to be able to play the slots which appeal to you the most and will also find a few brand new slot games going live at various online casinos in the New Year too.


Most Popular 3 Reel and Classic Slot Games

The 3 reel slots can take some getting used to if you have never played them before, for they can be very fast playing slots, and many of them offer you just one single paylines or a low number of optional paylines but there is a special way to play some of them!

With that in mind if you do ever decide to give these slot games a whirl do take a look at the pay table attached to the slot you have chosen to pay, and look at the jackpot payouts attached to the winning combination.

If you get an enhanced jackpot payout on a single line 3 reel slot game when playing maximum coins then you should play those slots with the maximum number of coins permitted to enable you to take advantage of the jackpot payout if you are lucky enough to sin in it.

However, on multi line 3 reel slots you will often find a high valued jackpot on the higher number paylines and the top tip for playing those slots is to play them with the maximum number of lines in play on each spin you sent into play!



One additional aspect to playing slot games in and around New Year is that you are often going to find many casino sites are giving their new and existing players access to lots of special bonus offers.

Those bonus offers could come in the form of a deposit bonus a no deposit bonus for you may find you are awarded a set of free slot spin on which any winning you achieve will be yours to keep.

So before you sign into just any casino site over the New Year and make a deposit, have a look around each casino site you have an account at as there will be a very good chance those casinos are offering you some form of bonus offers, and by comparing them all you will then be able to make use of the most generous ones!

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