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Bonus games in online slots.

You are probably fans of slots with bonus games. It is not a surprise, because the monotonous rotation of barrels bores anyone, even the most patient gambler. Thanks to modern bonus games with their beautiful animation and colorful graphics playing slots became more thrilling.

The bonus game usually starts after falling out of certain symbols on certain drums. These can be characteristic symbols, fallen out on the first and fifth drums (so the bonus game starts in What’s cooking), or certain symbols, fallen out on one of active line or at random (an example of such a slot as Starscape).

Many different types of bonus games in slots of online casinos exist. Next ones are the most common.

In some slots bonus game is realized in free spins. During bonus games you yourself specify number of free spins and coefficient of multiplication of winning, process of selection of game in each slot differently. In some number of objects are presented (in the Silent Samurai these objects are samurais, each stipulating number of free spins and coefficient of multiplication).

You can choose until you face an evil thing (rotten fruit in the Farmer’s Market or a non-flammable symbol in the Wild Spirit), which stops a bonus game, and free spins start. Very often such bonus games have magic items allowing to automatically opening three subjects.

Bonus games where the gambler is awarded a fixed outcome, i.e. opened objects mean winnings, which are either multiplied by your bets on the line (as, for example, occurs in the Desert Treasure) or not multiplied (like the bonus game in the Forest of Wonders) also exist.

Some amazing bonus games represent an exciting adventure. A bright example of such a thrilling slot is Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword, where during bonus game a gambler gathers a few elements of the sacred sword, and scattered throughout the world. In several minutes you may visit different parts of the world, several times tickle your nerves, fearing of running into a terrible trap, capable of terminating bonus game any time.

I can prove that such bonus games make you spend cash on slots, turn the drums hoping to run the welcome bonus game once again.

I consider a bonus game to be the greatest thing that may appear with developers of slots, after all, sometimes gamblers rotate drums just for them, and bonus games very generously give them cash winnings.

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