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British Bonus Hunter Story.

Everything started six or seven years ago with an advertisement CD of one of the most well-known British online gambling houses that was sent to me. I was always a gambler however I treated to it cautiously. The gambling establishments have an advantage before the gambler in any game. And online versions will empty the pockets even quicker. However having casted a surface glance at an advertisement CD I became thoughtful.

There existed 25 pounds bonus with a condition that I would contribute 25 own pounds on the gamble account. Instead of throwing the disk out I thought if I could contribute 25 pounds and receive 50 pounds. I realized that it would be rather easy.

There was noted in the conditions that I had to place bets of 500 pounds totally before I could fine the bonus. I understood the gambling and started recollecting everything that I knew. For instance the benefit of blackjack establishment is less than 1%. So theoretically if I did a stake on the required sum of 500 pounds I would lose less than 5 pounds on the average. So I would be left with 20 pounds of net profit.

With a fear and awe I put the CD in and started the awkward dial up and prepared a credit card to overcome necessary registration periods.

And I started taking part in blackjack with one pound for the distribution writing down the sums of my stakes. As it was expected the result was almost zero. To be more precise the result was a bit in the red. When the total sum of stakes exceeded necessary 500 pounds my balance was 44 pounds or 19 pounds of profit. That is the outcome!

The first thought was that other casinos can also offer similar bonuses. Feverish night of analyses followed afterwards. Later I came to a great conclusion that free money can be found in the net. I remember there were even bonuses of about 400 pounds. I couldn’t trust it!

During the next several weeks my profit noticeably increased. I won the bonuses back here and there and played in all monthly bonus-games without an interruption and looked for new internet-casinos with permanent invitation bonuses.

The bonuses salt concluded in that almost all online-operators offered bonuses that could be played games with casino chances that are so unprofitable that bonuses` value disappeared. But despite of it lots of profitable bonuses available for fining could still be found. That winter became recklessness for me. It became the period of deposits and fining currency from the accounts and to the accounts.

The start of the end: the birth of the many Bonus Hunters.

My system became more difficult. User account changed for a convenient computer application. I raised the bets from one pound to five pounds to quicken the winning back. The necessity in special gambling bank and electronic accounts appeared with the goal of simplifying of the input and output process.

However not every bonus was profitable. I still remember when winning back a small bonus I lost 150 pounds at the first days of my bonus-hunting. But natural statistic spread was guilty in these misfortunes.

On the average my system brought 800 pounds monthly on the easy manipulations and even more beneficial offers appeared in the net. During the time I understood that I couldn`t be the only person who could be called a Bonus Hunter. Freebee appeared in the masses and it meant only one trouble that very soon the casino will create a time limit for the bonuses or somehow else it will complicate my existence. And the next story confirmed my fears.

Soon a rumor appeared. Someone gave an talk on the Danish television that everyone could earn from the bonuses and casino promo actions. This interview was the cause of the appearance of mass hysteria and a run of visitors to the net gambling establishments. It resulted in the many online gambling houses giving up offering the bonuses to the Danish and Denmark together with China got into the black list for casino bonuses misuse.

In Mass Media and Internet appeared a great number of stories about bonus-hunters. The stories were about people who logged in the name of their relatives, friends and usually got bonuses using friends. There were also stories about more sophisticating machinations. The time was coming to a finish.

Bonus casino systems started to modify. The demands for winning the bonus back were overrated. Instead of 20-multiple winning back it was mandatory to use 40-multiple and 60-multiple sums.

At blackjack it was still practicable but it decreased the potential profit to a certain degree. It became evident that the bonuses` end will soon come.

At last bonus-hunters were divested of their opportunities to earn so much money playing blackjack. This game was not among the games with the help of which it was possible to win the bonuses back.
The end to everything: bonus hunters` dying out.

The visitors-bonus hunters` inflow ran out and the casino operators relaxed a bit and stopped tracking the gamblers and blocking their accounts. But still there was the end at the end of the tunnel.

The online gambling house excepting blackjack from bonus games decided that that they eradicated bonus-hunting. It is clear that the inflow of the visitors who hunt for bonuses ran out. The rest gamblers were lucky because of this fact.

It was the reason for casino relaxation without tracking the gamblers and blocking their accounts. The variants still existed. But it was the last variant.

It depended on the version that video poker offered a game with a minimal casino advantage. It became a second wind for me. This is a game with a maximal payment 800 to 1. So the results were put to the lines of small winnings and losses with rare but huge prizes when the fortune turned its face.

Close to 2007 this trickle also began to run out. But nevertheless there was something to hunt for. But the end was already close. The final verdict to such kind of hunting was brought in when an old kind VP bonus that every year brought me the biggest profit was closed. A black day came in reality. The last working variants of earnings were also stopped a bit later. In fact since that time almost nothing was left. Only my 20 000 pounds were still available to fine in the bank. Nowadays online gambling houses seem to be well-armed anв they offer reckless bonuses very rarely.

Everything indicated it. The recent opportunities will never appear again. Experienced hunters will always find ways of making a profit on any market where people earn serious money.

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