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Can I Win Using Free Spins Bonus Offers?

When you sign up to quite a number of online casino sites these days you are going to be offered at a set of free spins which you can play off on one of their selected slots. You may or may not need to have to make a deposit to claim the free spins and whilst you are not technically paying for them, any winnings you do win as you play them off will be yours to keep.

However, you may be wondering whether it is possible to win and win big when playing off those free spins or whether the slot has been programmed in such a way that all you will win if anything is a small number of credits.

To answer that question you have to be aware that all online slot machines are completely random and as such you have just as much chance when playing off a set of free spins as you do when playing with your own money, and as such it is possible you could win big.

However, it will always be the terms and conditions attached to any free spins bonus offer or promotion that will determine just how much you can win, so read on to find out more.


Cash or Bonus Credits

There is going to be a lot of different free slot spins promotional offers you will come across and there are a few things that you do need to look out for in the terms and conditions to ensure that the free slot spin promotions you make use of are going to give you a fair chance of winning.

One thing that is very important in regards to claiming and then using a set of free slot spins is that the credits you will be awarded with on any winnings you do achieve when playing of your free slot spins are added to your casino account as cash credits.

When those free slot spin winnings are credited to your casino account as cash credits you can do what you please with those credits which could include cashing them out straight away or if you prefer you can carry on playing in the hope you win even more cash!

However, if the free slot spin winnings are added to your casino account then you will have to achieve the play through requirements attached to those bonus credits for you can cash them out, so the best terms and conditions will be the ones that see your free slot spin winnings credits to your account as cash credits and not bonus credits!


Additional Play-Through Requirements

The term and conditions really do need reading through when you are thinking of claiming any such bonus offer for it will be the word those terms and conditions have been written that will ultimately determine just how generous any bonus offers and promotional deals are.

You should ensure that you are not being required to achieve any additional play through requirements on any winning achieved from a free slot spins promotion for if you are that will make those free spins very poor valued ones!

Also, make sure that the slot machine that your free spins will be credited to will have all of its pay lines in play for the duration of your free spins, it is not unheard of for some poorly run casino sites to offer for example a set of free spins on a 25 payline slot but then only have 5 of those paylines in play for your free spins bonus game!

Make sure that you are not going to have any winning capped from a set of free spins, for any such bonus term that does cap your winnings is bad for the player and could see a huge payout being massively reduced in value!



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