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Casino “Caesars Palace” Las Vegas.

Caesars Palace is the place, were mortals can feel the greatness of ancient Roman gods and those in power. This complex, which was opened in 1966, never stops developing and amazing people with its magnificence. Gorgeous hotel, magnificent restaurants, exclusive casino, big shopping centre – these and many other things are located in 5 buildings of Caesars Palace.


Caesars Palace is a big hotel and casino in Las Vegas, which belong to company “Harrah’s Entertainment” and are its main property. It consists of 5 buildings: Augustus, Roman, Centurion, Palace и Forum.

Caesars Palace is situated on famous Las Vegas Strip between well-known Bellagio and Mirage. The airport of Las Vegas is situated not far from there; there are also complexes for conferences Sands Expo, Las Vegas and Fashion Show Mall.

The history of casino.

The founder of Caesars Palace is the hotel owner Jay Sarno. In 1962 he borrowed $35 million in pension fund, made a project of future motel and started the process of building of 14-storied building. The land, on which the building started, belonged to Kirk Kerkoryan. Sarno desperately tried to find an appropriate name for the hotel and finally stopped at “Caesars Palace” – “The palace of Caesars”. He used the word “Caesars” but not “Caesar’s” with purpose: he wanted every guest to feel as Caesar. Many companies took part in building and improvement of the hotel territory, but all drafts Sarno made himself. In 1966 the hotel was gradually opened. There were 680 rooms. In 3 years it was bought by Stuart and Clifford Perlman, the founders of Lum’s restaurant chain. In 1975 another building was erected (16 stories). In 1992 a shopping centre “Forum” started its work. Later, specially for Céline Dion performances the Coliseum was built, and finally in 2005 the first impressed clients entered the Augustus building (46 stories).
At this time Harrah’s Entertainment bought Caesars Entertainment, Inc. and became the owner of “Caesars Palace”. In 2009 it was announced, that the building of Octavius was “freezed” due to low client interest.

Games in casino.

The area of the casino is almost 12 000 sq.m. The visitors can try their luck in games of chance like game of craps, black jack, roulette, baccarat, Spanish 21, mini-baccarat, pie-go, different classic and modern video-slots.
Furthermore, they can play with each other, taking part in different poker championships, make stakes on different sport events and try to hit the jackpot in Keno.

In addition.

In the hotel Caesars Palace there are 3348 different suits with round-the-clock service. The clients can visit restaurant “Guy Savoy”, several cafes and bars, recreation center, SPA and sauna. Different world-famous celebrities have here there performances regularly. The biggest poker tournaments take place here.

Interesting facts.

During the years of work different stars had there their performances e.g. Cher, Céline Dion, Sir Elton John, Julio Iglesias, Frank Sinatra and many others.

In early 80-th there was a phase in F1 racing, which was called Caesars Palace Grand Prix. But due to hard climatic conditions and plenty of turns it wasn’t liked by neither spectators nor the racers.

In Caesars Palace many world famous boing fights took place. Many boxing stars fought here, and among them are Sean Leonard, Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Oscar De La Hoya and Vladimir Klitchko.

In 1991 the ice arena was erected in Caesars Palace, and the match between the NHL stars New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings took place there.

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