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Casino cheating.

Adventures, money, cards, banned methods… a good logical row, everything is natural. Banned methods in playing cards promise good winnings that attract the adventurers. More often it leads to great troubles. Because of the fact that casino has got a lot of money it doesn`t stint money on the gambling establishment`s security. In fact it is easier to cheat the government than the casino. And it is even easier to get the government`s punishment.

Casino cheating.

Online and offline cheating in reality differs to the same degree as the casino is not like the gambling establishment out of glass and concrete. Card cheaters and bunko artists have a long history that have passed through the centuries and nowadays it obtained a certain romantic gauze — an experienced and lucky and lucky card cheater is perceived by the public as a romantic criminal, so called Robin Hood – inventive fighter against injustice and evil. Hollywood exploits this theme readily. For example let`s remind the film «21» with Kevin Spacy in the main role where he plays the college`s professor. He acquaints his best students with the art of card calculation. In the film the professor managed to teach his team. Then he went to Las-Vegas and snatched a large sum of money there.

There is no happy end in the film because Robin Hoods were found out and caught by the casino guard before they could spend the won money. Everything is not so romantic in life as in the film but the idea to win the casino is doomed to a similar result: in real casinos the workers watch attentively the people who they suspect tries or calculates cards. In all the gambling halls the cameras are located very skillfully and they fix everything and at any suspect of cheating the recording is found and analyzed by the specialists. So if somebody would be able to cheat the casino then it would be very lucky and it would happen only once.

Apart from card calculation less intellectual ways of cheating are also popular with cheaters: bet substitution and labeled cards. In poker the method of bet substitution is known as «past-posting»: the gambler having estimated his perspective secretly changes bet tokens for a less quality when he loses or for more valuable tokens increasing the wining.

A long time has passed but the card cheaters hope on manual dexterity and power of observation. The most common way of cheating is secretly to mark money during the game. That`s why at the light suspect of marked cards or if someone is lucky for a long time the dealer changes the card pack. However in time of progressive electronics the cheaters do not avoid technical novelties. Undoubtedly safety service is aware of the latest developments in this sphere and is always ready to contrast its technical means but the dealer will ask you to use a mobile phone and a player during the game.

Casino cheating on the Internet.

The Internet has entered our life though it appeared recently. Many people remember dial-ups, permanent connection break and revelry of awful viruses and impudent hackers boundless spaces of virtual world. The process of formation of online casino industry didn`t avoid chaos: impudent hackers broke new online casinos and greed owners of virtual bandits made great profits in the casino to the detriment of trusty clients.

However the most cunning and the greediest gamblers died out. Only casinos with a great reputation can survive in the virtual world of gambling. If a gambling establishment exists in the net for five and more years then you can trust it your money and spare time – this casino would be able to take care of its own security and of the client`s money and would offer only high-quality programs with a hundred percent guarantee. So when choosing the online casino pay your attention to its reputation – it must be perfect.

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