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Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Monte Carlo is the most famous county in Monaco, and the casino of the same name is its symbol. During several decades it remains the best gambling house of the world. This casino is not only the casino itself, but also a great architectural monument with rich history.

History of the casino.

The first gambling house in Monaco was built in 1856. But till the end of 1857 it became closed. The reason was very simple – it was rather hard to reach the casino. The road was built later, but the casino “Casino des Spélugues” was built (now only one hall has left). But in several month one visitor won 50 000 francs, and the casino wasn’t able to pay, so it became the property of this client.

No one knows, what may have happened, but one businessman Francois Blanc bought the right of ownership of casino for 50 years. He came to Monaco with his wife Mari and the group of croupiers. Blanc hired the best architects and designers of that time, and among them was even Charles Garnier, who designed the front of Parisian opera. Having worked on the project, he used and mixed several styles, and the result was amazing. The first hall was ended up in 1878. The main façade was built in 1890, and the author of the project was Jules Touzet. In this year the electrical equipment was installed. New buildings were built in 1882, 1890, 1897 and 1988. In 1931 the first slots appeared in Monaco’s casino.

Among the clients of casino were such celebrities as Alexandre Dumas, Baron Rothschild, Sara Bernhardt, Shalyapin and Caruso. The history of the casino is not only interesting, but also full of different stories with many witnesses.
There is one story, when one man, while playing the roulette, stake on the number of the psalm he haв just heard in the church. And every time he won. There were many followers of this method, so the pastor of the church stopped choosing the psalms with number less than 36.

Another story tells about Russian captain, who lost all his money and claimed that he would shoot down the city. One version says that he got his money back, another says that staff managed to persuade him not to do this. So, when you visit the casino in Monte Carlo, you want not only to play, but also to mark your name on the pages of casino history.

The architecture of the casino.

The casino “Monte Carlo” is the chain of halls, amazing in their beauty. The visitors enter the spacious lobby with grandiose columns, which leads to the place called “l’Atrium” (Atrium). The may go to “La Salle Garnier” (The hall of Garnier) from here, which have the name of the architect. l’Opera Monte-Carlo (The Opera oа Monte Carlo) is situated here and lots of famous celebrities had their performances there. The hall blinds with gilding, statues, bás-reliefs, paintings, lamps and other impressive elements of décor.

The other halls of Monte Carlo are the pink and white lounges, the hall of Europa, the hall of Renaissance, the hall of Olympic Games, the Palm hall and etc. Tables for games of chance are located there (black jack, baccarat, poker, roulette and many others. All of them are decorated with unbelievable luxury.

In front of the façade there are picturesque lawns, flowerbeds, sunny terraces, and there is an amazing park, which goes to the mountains.

About casino.

If you want to enter the casino, you should pay 10 euro at first. Photo- and video filming is forbidden. In some halls there is a strict dress code, and you are obliged to wear “black tie” suit. If you are young be ready to show the document, which will prove that you are in full age.

“Monte Carlo” like all other casino in Monaco belongs to the “SBM Monte-Carlo”, and its annual profit is about hundreds of millions of dollars.

You can’t describe the atmosphere of this casino, which history accounts 150 years, with simple words. You can only feel it. So you need to visit this casino like thousands of players from every corner of the world.

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