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Casino – secrets of successful gamblers.

The desire to win is the main secret of gamblers who achieve success in casino game and/or on slots. Desire to win is an inner readiness to have and determination to act. Desire is internal as it appears in soul, not in mind. The soul controls the emotions, the mind controls logic. If emotions have conflict with logic, emotions always and doubtfully win. They are just stronger in terms of magnitude in our Universe. Our universe is an enormous bundle of energy. Emotions contain a small part of this energy. Emotions govern your life. They, as magnets, attract to you events you experience. Let’s consider in detail the law of attraction.

Why is intention more important than desire? Desire is the tool of mind. It wants being not ready to receive. Mind wants and soul does not care, that’s because not all desires are realized. Desire becomes reality only in case when it moves in intention. A person is ready to have the desired items and energy of desire turns into purposeful actions that makes the law of attraction involve material reality in your life.

Some gamblers don’t understand how a person wishing to have something and not try getting it. We can explain why this is happening. DESIRES COME FROM MIND. If soul is not in accord with mind, it does not come to pass. Emotional discomfort will push you away from the desired event. When mind is finding something that you like, you are prepared to work; you are prepared to use strength and energy for implementation of the desired. Then you just stop desiring, you begin to understand that it’s yours, and its realization in life will happen at some point. Why and from where you begin to know that it’s yours, and it will be realized in your life is unknown.

Determine meaning of success in game. Not necessarily any material things. Every man wishes having a good house, an excellent car, but there are only few whose soul wants to do the same. Other gamblers’ souls want something completely different. We are born totally different. We can’t watch what success means in general sense, and strive for common success. You must search for your own success. You will feel making a right choice of gaming strategy. You’ll experience peaceful mind and happiness inside you. They will bring you good things and will be constant positive source of gambling energy. Finding your way to win casino and following it is the biggest secret of success!

The 2nd secret of success of game in casino.

There is one secret that may surprise you. Your mind, perhaps, does not want to accept it, but you should not drop the idea immediately, concentrate on it. SUCCESS IS A NATURAL VARIANT OF DEVELOPMENT OF EVENTS; FAILURE IS A DEVIATION FROM NORM. Now explain why this is happening and why success is much less, than failures. In game, as in life, the law of least resistance functions. The universe is path of least resistance; Universe realizes something requiring the least amount of energy. Look around: nature is full of abundance, it even is wasteful with everything, look at fields, covered with millions flowers, mountains, oceans, forests pleasant for eyes. How perfect is everything! Nature creates all this beauty not bothering about its abundance; this is a norm, an ordinary course of events. Look at harmoniously arrangement of everything in nature. It’s striking, isn’t it? Why do the majority of gamblers have everything different? All of this poverty affects! Answer lies in gambler’s mind. Life of gambler is governed by mind. He wishes to make game follow a pre-defined scenario. And if anything goes wrong, it is perceived as failure and unpleasant confluence of events. Gambler begins to feel it in a negative aspect. But a different scenario does not imply the “worst” scenario. What is failure for one gambler is a big success for the other. Perceiving events negatively, gamblers begin to turn aside and decline from line of success, i.e. process of game takes control of mind. It pushes insight into background. And therefore, the majority of gamblers lose. Game is unpredictable, while mind tries to determine and predict in advance variants of development of events. But that’s impossible! This is because gambler goes to the negative stage of game; he is disappointed that everything is not the way he wants to. But he makes the most enormous mistake. He believes an unexpected scenario is worse than a predictable. Let mind does not interfere in process of achieving goals, you’ll succeed in everything. Release grasp of control. You’ll see by implicit knowledge that you are on path to success, your determination will be endless, because you must be open to good luck.

The 3rd secret of success of game in casino.

You are responsible for realization of your goal to win in casino or get jackpot on slot and begin to analyze your game constantly. Secret of success of all gamblers lies in work. None who tore the huge jackpots on slots reached success lying on couch. Secret of success lies in analysis of game. Fortune does not come to the lazy. Work and only attentive and hard work leads gambler to fortune. On this way gamblers overcame many difficulties, which helped them finding all new and new elements of their own gaming strategy. And nobody was afraid of failures! Watch successful gamblers, they play more and harder than mediocre gamblers. Secret of stubborn game is that it gives strength. Although these gamblers play with much more emotional tense, they also win more. Why? They know their aims and live with this vision. This gives them strength to play on. A successful gambler strives for his goal, only then he may find success.

Playing in casino, rely only on yourself, on your own strength. You should not rely solely on luck or other gamblers. Good luck will be your companion when you don’t rely on it. Waiting for its smile can be disappointing. Act yourself, and you’ll become lucky.

The 4-th secret of success of game in casino

Self-suggestion is key to unconscious sphere. Secret of successful control of game is in self-suggestion. YOU CONSTANTLY DO self-suggestion, but you may not know it. All words, which are addressed to yourself, your every thought and respect to yourself is self-suggestion. How do you estimate yourself? Do you like yourself? These thoughts about you, too, are self-suggestion. Thoughts, staying in mind, are converted to emotions. And emotions are the source material for the subconscious. And the longer these emotions are in mind, the more they strengthen. All the thoughts, rooted in the unconscious, actually affect your reality. The simplest example is as follows: if you don’t like – you act unsurely, doubt in any situation. Self-suggestion is a powerful method (now you see why), but giving it to chance, spontaneously and unconsciously living with it, at least, is not reasonable. You can pick and choose thoughts, so dwell on yourself from the best angle a little. You’re a unique gambler, like no one else on the Earth. YOU ARE THE STAR. Think only about your good qualities only for a minute. What do you do well? You have many good qualities. Concentrate on them. How well you played that day, and the other…. just think a minute.

Do you notice that your mood changed a bit in a positive way? And you just thought a little. If you think 5 minutes, then repeat procedure twice a day, then all day long? See, what will happen? Your attitude will finally be different. You will learn to focus on positive moments.

You can also use the technique of visualization by presenting yourself having won a good amount of money. Keep in mind pictures of money won already now (by no means in the future).

The 5-th secret of success of game in casino.

On this step miracles begin to happen. If you are unaware how to achieve your desire, start setting goals. This is a transitional point from a gambler- loser to successful gambler. You should understand secret of success. ALL SUCCESSFUL GAMBLERS DID NOT KNOW HOW THEY ACHIEVED THEIR GOALS. You should have courage to put these purposes before game. When you set your goals and plan game far in advance, you configure your subconscious for a certain variant of development of events. Majority of gamblers does not choose, and just swim with the flow, and their result is unfortunately a failure.

These are actually all “secrets” of successful gamblers. Follow them, and you’ll be lucky!

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