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Chances of Winning a Progressive Slot Game Jackpot

mega-moolah-isis-slotOne of most exciting category of slot games you can play online are of course the progressive slots, and there are certainly no shortages of these kinds of slot games, on which you could win a life changing amount of cash with just one spin of the reels.

However, as the jackpots on all progressive games are always being fed by the stakes of players playing those respective slots, then you may just be wondering what are your actual odds of winning a life changing progressive jackpot payout when you are logged into your favourite online casino site.

So in this slot playing guide we shall take a look at just how likely or unlikely you are to win a progressive slot games jackpot on a range of different slot games.


Most Regulalry Awarded Progressive Jackpots

If you want the best chances of winning a progressive slot games jackpot, then you will need to sit down and play those slots which boast several different progressive jackpots, you will find all of the Marvel Jackpot slot games which can be found in the Playtech Gaming Suite offer four different sized jackpots, all of which are progressives, and the smaller two jackpots on offer are won very regularly indeed.

If you are logged into a Microgaming software powered online casino site then you should consider playing the Mega Moolah slot games, there are several different slot that makes up this series of games and as such you should find at least one of them that you like the look of!

When you are playing any of those Microgaming designed Mega Moolah slots, you are going to notice the two smaller jackpots on offer are won every few minutes, and as such those slots in additional to the Marvel Jackpots will always give you the best chances of winning a progressive jackpot.

However it should be noted that as the progressive jackpots that are most regularly won, are not huge in size you will not be winning a life changing jackpot when playing those slots, unless of course you mange to win one of the two larger jackpots attached to these slots!


Rarely Won Progressive Slot Jackpots

The slot games which are going to give you the worst odds of actually winning a progressive jackpot are obviously those which have the largest jackpots on offer. For example the Mega Moolah slot we mentioned early has two jackpots which are won very regularly, however they are only small in size.

The largest jackpot attached to the slots that make up the series of Mega Moolah slots is the Mega Jackpot and that jackpot has a seed value of 1,000,000.00 and as such you are highly unlikely to win it, and the jackpot can grow for many months before it is actually won and awarded.

The Mega Fortune slot game is another fun to play slot on which several different progressive jackpots can be awarded, this slot is found in the gaming suite of casino sites that have the NetEnt suite of games on offer, but do be warned that the jackpot on that slot can and does grow into the tens of millions of Euros region, and as such you are highly unlikely to ever win it!


How to Increase Your Winning Chances

One final aspect of playing slot games which boast progressive jackpots that may be of interest to you, is how it may be possible for you to increase your chances of winning one of them, there is no fine art or secret formula or system for winning a progressive jackpot however!

The only way that you are going to increase your chances of walking away with a life changing progressive jackpot win is to play one slot offering a progressive jackpot for as long as you can.

As the best way to describe how a progressive jackpot is awarded is by comparing it to a raffle. If you have a large number of tickets in any raffle then you will have much more chances of having one of your tickets drawn out, and this is just how a progressive jackpot slot will award its jackpot.

Whilst it is perfectly feasible for a player to play just one spin of the reels and see a progressive jackpot paying winning combination spin in, it is highly unlikely, however if you allocate a lot of play time to any progressive slot game you will have a much greater chance of winning one or more of the jackpots that such a slot game has on offer.

So if you can afford to play a slot game for a reasonable or extended amount of time, then you should do just that, as that will increase your winning chances!



If you are interested in playing progressive slot game online then do spend some time checking out all of them available at the casino site you are thinking of playing at, a very simply way to work out which slot games will award their respective jackpots the mot is to check the size of the jackpots on offer, if the jackpots are very high valued you will have very little chance of winning one of them.

However, if you come across a slot with a low valued progressive jackpot or several different sized jackpots attached to it then you are more likely to win one of those jackpots based on just how much play you give it!

All progressive jackpot slots listed and reviewed on our website have been certified as being fair and random, and as such there is never any way of knowing in advance when one of the jackpots is going to be awarded to a player, so no matter when you play them you may just hit the big one!

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