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Choosing an Online Casino Gaming Platform

3-card-poker-multi-handAs there are now many different ways that you can access and play casino games online, in this article we are going to take a look at the many different casino gaming platforms that you will find offered at the hundreds of different online casino sites.

You really should spend some time deciding which type of gaming platform you will be utilizing when accessing an online casinos range of games, for there are some subtle and not so subtle differences in regards to what each gaming platform has to offer. Choosing the right one will guarantee that you will have the very best gaming experience.


Instant Play Gaming Platforms

Let us start by letting you know just what you are going to find on offer when you choose to use an instant play gaming platform. These platforms usually use Flash as the software that powers them, and as most computers have Flash pre installed upon them you are not going to have to spend any time configuring your computer to be able to access a casinos range of instant play games.

However, if you do not have Flash installed on your computer then when you log onto the website of any casino that offers instant play games and try and launch those games you will be instantly prompted to follow the onscreen link to enable you to download the Flash software required to play those games.

As soon as you have Flash installed on your computer then you are free to play any instant play game you desire from those offered at the online casino you are playing at.

However, on the topic of casino games it must be noted that instant play gaming platforms will usually only have a small number of games available, by small we mean you can usually access between 50 and 150 games at most instant play casino sites, and that may seem like quite a large number of games.

But if you choose to play at a casino via a fully downloadable gaming platform you can often find in excess of 800 games on offer, depending on which company is supplying that particular gaming platform!

One company who only provide a no download gaming platform is Net Entertainment they have a huge suite of instant playing games many of which are completely unique slot games the like of which you haven’t seen before.

One company, Cryptologic used to offer casinos using their gaming platforms both an instant play and downloadable gaming platform, however they have recently got rid of their downloadable gaming platform and just offer an instant play range of games.

One added reasons why it may be beneficial for you to play at a no download casino site is that some of them now offer games from more than just one game provider, and as such when playing at those sites which use for example the Quickfire Gaming Platform, you are going to be able to access a large suite of instant play games from lots of different companies.


Downloadable Gaming Platforms

The other type of gaming platform that you are going to be able to access online is a fully downloadable one. Unlike the instant play gaming platform mentioned above, when you opt to utilize a downloadable one, as the name suggests you are going to have to download the entire suite of games onto your computer.

This can often take quite a while as some casinos using one of these gaming platforms offer hundreds of different casino games, but once you have installed them onto your computer which is the time consuming bit, you will always have instant access to those games at a later date.

It is the huge and diverse range of games that may attract you to using a fully downloadable gaming platform as there are usually several hundred more games on offer on this type of gaming platform that on an instant playing one.

Another aspect of utilizing a downloadable gaming platform is that you will also find lots of player adjustable options settings that will allow you to set the games to play exactly as you want them to play.

Some of these features include the Auto Play setting and when you activate this setting the games will all play themselves automatically. Some downloadable gaming platforms such as the one offered by Microgaming have an additional feature which is known as the Tabbed Browser, and this will let you open up and play more than one game at a time.

Some fully downloadable gaming platforms and he casinos that operate them cater primarily for US based players, and as such if you do live or reside in the US then do make sure you take a look at what our collection of Real Time Gaming software powered casinos have to offer you by way of games and gaming platforms!



As both downloadable and instant play casino sites offer you the option of opening up a demo type of free play account, then if you are new to the online gaming environment it would be advisable for you to open up both type of accounts, meaning a demo account giving you access to an instant play range of games and one offering you access to a downloadable among platforms.

By doing so you can then set forth and try both gaming platforms out and see which ones suits you the best. It is worth us pointing out that both sets of games on offer on both types of platforms from any one company all play and pay in the same way, and any progressive games offered are all linked together so you have just as much chance of winning a jackpot when playing on either type of gaming platform.

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