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Comparing Fixed and Optional Pay Line Slots

arctic-fortune-slotThere are so many different online slot games available, you will possibly not know which ones to start playing first when you sign up and log into one of the casinos listed on our website! You will find loads of brand new and Graphically Enhanced 3D Slot Games available or should you be looking for the more standard type of Video Slots which offer lots of different bonus features then they number the thousands!

One aspect of playing any video slot games online is that many of them offer an optional number of pay lines, and when playing these types of slot games online you can pick and choose just how many pay lines to put into play per spin you make.

However, there are some slot games designed as video slots on which you are unable to alter the number of pay lines. These slots are known as fixed pay line slots and when playing them you are forced to pay for each pay line to be sent in motion when playing them.

Below we have compiled an overview as to the pros and cons of playing each type of slot, give it a good read through as it will allow you to get an understanding of these different slot playing structures and will soon ensure you will know which types of slots appeal to you when you next play online!


Benefits of Playing Optional Pay Line Slots

Whilst most people will tend to play only the maximum number of pay lines offered on any type of slot game, you will often find some players much prefer putting into play as many pay lines as they wish to play.

The reasons for them wishing to play fewer than the maximum number of lines per spin is usually that they are playing with a much reduced bankroll, and by lowering the activated pay lines per spin then they will get the maximum play time from their gaming budget.

Some slot players however, will lower the number of pay lines per spin but will play the maximum number of coins or coin values on those pay lines. This means that whilst they have fewer chances of spinning in a winning combination, as they are not playing the maximum number of pay lines, should they spin in a high valued winning combination on the pay lines they have opted to put into play they will get some high winning payouts due to the number of coins they have wagered on those pay lines!

One final thing to mentioned when you wish to play any video slot with fewer than the maximum number of pay lines in play, and that is to always select those slots which have bonus games triggered via scatter symbols as opposed to bonus symbols which need to line up on activated pay lines!

As scatter symbols can and do trigger bonuses games as long as the minimum required number of them spin into view anywhere on the slot game screen, you are not going to miss out on triggering those games when playing fewer than the maximum number of pay lines offered on any slot game!


Fixed Pay Line Slot Games

There are more and more video type slots coming online that will not let players adjust the number of coins they play per spin. These types of slots are known as fixed pay line slots, and they are only going to be appealing to players who can afford to put into play all of the lines offered on any one slot game for any length of time!

There are a number of benefits of playing these slots, whilst they are more expensive to play that slots offering optional pay lines, if you tend to play fewer than the maximum lines offered, however these benefits are worthwhile!

One slot game and gaming platform supplier, that being Microgaming have lots of different types of fixed lines slots on offer, you can play slots offering the standard number of pay lines such as 20 and 25 pay line slots games or you can opt to play their new breed of All Ways slot which can offer hundreds or thousands on fixed pay lines on each spin you play!

What you will find on those latter named All Ways structured slot games is that there will often be a Wild Symbols based bonus game which can be randomly triggered and awarded to you, and this is where playing every possible pay line really can pay huge dividends!

When one of these bonus games triggers you will find that slot will randomly select one to five of the reels and will then turn those reels into Wild Reels, and as such every single symbol on those selected reels then become Wild.

If you are playing one of the slots offering hundreds or thousands of fixed pay lines and all five reels turn wild then you are going o receive a truly massive winning payout as each pay lines you have in play will be a five of a kind wild symbol winning combinations!



There are of course benefits to be had of playing either one of the newer slot games which come with a fixed pay line structure or the older styled optional pay line structured slots. The most obvious different between the two is the cost of each spin is going to be higher more so to players who like to play only a certain number of pay lines on each spin!

Why not test out several of each types of slots for yourself, you can do this at no cost at any of our listed casino software offering both sets of slots games, and by playing them for free and at no risk you should be able to make an informed decision on whether they tick all of the right boxes in regards to what it is you are looking for from any online slot!

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