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Complete Guide to Slot Game RTP’s

flying-ace-slotThe term RTP is one that you will often here banded about when you are playing any type of slot machine or slot games whether online or in a land based casino. RTP actually means Return to Player, and it is an amount of cash based on the amount of stakes wagered on any single game that is going to be returned to players over the long term operation of the slot game.

This figure will be presented as a percentage, so for example if you are playing a slot which is displaying  a payout percentage of 95.00%, then players can expect, if they play that game long enough, to get 95.00 paid back to them for every 100.00 wagered.

However, the long term can often mean many millions of spins, and as such what makes slot machines appealing and exciting to play is that in the short term the payout percentage can bounce around all over the place, so when playing any single slot playing session you can win some large amounts of cash or conversely have some sessions where you hardly win anything!

There are several different slot games which have been designed very differently and there are also several different payout percentages that will be attached to those games, below is a round-up of the many different ways that slots and their respective payout percentages can be structured and/or displayed.


Actual Payout Percentage

When you play one single slot playing session you will be quite easily able to work out the actual payout percentage that you received during that slot playing session. To do this you simply need to make a note of the amount of cash you won on that game and divide it by the amount of cash you wagered.

If for example a slot game paid out to you a total of 90.00 during any one session and you wagered a total of 124.00 on that session then divide the winnings 90.00 by the amount wagered 124.00 and you get the figure 0.72 simply remove the zero and the decimal point as you arrive at your actual payout percentage for that session which is 72%.

So you win more than you have wagered, for example you win 152 having wagered just 96 then divide your winnings 152 by your stakes 96 and you get the figure 1.58, remove just the decimal point if the figures numeral is not a zero and that is your actual payout percentage of that slot playing session which in our example is 158%.

It is often handy for you to know how to work out your actual payout percentage for any one session, for you can often politely ask the casino support team or your VIP Host to slip you a small free bonus if you have had one or more slot playing sessions where your payout percentage has been shockingly low! So never be afraid to ask as the vast majority of casinos will flip you such a free comp when you have had a poor paying slot playing session!


Fruit Machine Games Expected Payout Percentage

Unlike video slot games and classic slot games where the payout percentages attached to those games will fluctuate wildly as the slots are completely wild and those payout percentages are more theoretical RTP’s than set in stone RTP’s that the slots will always reach at one point or another.

When you play the many different Fruit Machines online you will be playing slots that will always reach their expected payout percentages at one point in each game cycle. This is due to fruit machines being designed in such a way that once a certain number of spins have been played off then the software is going to do whatever it has to do to ensure the payout percentage that has been pre-programmed into that game is going to be reached.

So when playing a fruit machine if the current payout percentage is low and the number of spins already played off, which could be tens or hundreds of thousands of spins, is fast approaching the number required to complete one game cycle then the fruit machines software is going to spin in lots of higher valued winning combinations or spin in lots of jackpots one after another to make the payout percentage reach is designed target.

The opposite is also true and if a fruit machine is nearing the completion of one single game cycle and the payout percentage is currently higher than what it has been programmed to payout, then the slot machine will simply not award any winning payouts, and this will then naturally lower the payout percentage to the one it has been designed to play out to!



The only aspect of playing a fruit machine or slot machine that is going to give you more winning chances is to track down and play those which have been designed to play out to the highest payout percentages.

Whether your individual slot playing sessions are low playing or high paying the longer you play those better paying slots the more the chances are that you will get as near to that expected payout percentage as is possible.

But if you play poor paying slots and by poor paying we mean any slot that is set to return an RTP of lower than 96% you are going to experience much shorter slot playing sessions! So make a point of spending as much time as is needed locating and then playing slots offering high payout percentages as by doing so you will come across lots of slots available at various online casinos that can and do payout 97%, 98% or even have RTP’s set as high as 99%!

Also be aware that it is the progressive slot games that usually have the very lowest RTP’s and as such the only reason you should ever choose to play one of those slots is when the current progressive jackpot on offer is higher than it has ever been!

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