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Different Types of Online Slot Tournaments

mad-hatters-slotThere is only one major downside of playing slot games online, or in fact in any type of gaming environment, and that is you are going to find when those reels are not spinning your way, and the slots you play are not triggering their bonus games as often as usual, it can be a very expensive pass time!

However, there is of course a very cost effective way of playing slots online, and that is by you taking part in one of the many hundreds of different online slot tournaments that are available each day of the week.

Should you find yourself having a reduced slot playing gaming bankroll at any point in time, or simply want to play slots in a brand new playing environment, then this slot tournament guide is going to give you all of the information you require to allow you to do just that!


How to Enter a Slot Tournament Online

We will now give you a quick run through of how you can start to enter online slot tournaments, if you are playing at a Microgaming software powered casino, then you will find their tournaments are only available via the downloadable gaming platform.

You will find some instant play, no download gaming platforms will also offer a range of slot tournaments, so if you do not wish to download a gambling platform onto your computer then choose to play at casinos such as those powered by NetEnt software, as several of them offer slot tournaments throughout the day.

You are going to first have to register a username for the slot tournament you are playing at  as many online casinos require you to have a username to indentify you, so always make sure you allocate enough time to do that if the slot tournament you intend entering is about to start!

Once you have acquired a username then all you need to do is to click on the Register button on the slot tournament that appeals to you from those on offer, be aware each slot tournament is going to have its own starting time, and as such you need to be online and ready to play off your entry in that tournament once the starting times has arrived!


Slot Tournament Types

The first type of slot tournament that is likely to appeal to you is one known as a free roll slot tournament, these are completely free to enter and when you register to take part in them you will be credited with a certain number of playing credits and will have a set time period to play them all off.

The aim of any online slot tournament is for you to obtain a high score, and this is achieved by all coins won on any winning spin you make during the slot tournament being turned into points. There will often be more than one cash prize on offer and the players who fill the top spots on the tournament leader board will take home those cash prizes once the tournament has ended.

There are several slot tournaments that are known as Sit n Go slot tournaments available at many online casino sites, and when you enter these tournament online you will find that the required number of entrants is set very low, and as such as soon as you register to take part in one of them you need to stay logged onto that casino site for as soon as the required number of additional players register to take part the slot tournament immediately begins!

Some slot tournaments will require you to pay an entry fee to take part in them and once you have used up your tournament credits or you have run out of time then that is where your entry ends, these types of slot tournaments are known as One Shot tournaments.

However, as many players enjoy having multiple chances to win one of the many cash prizes offered on most slot tournaments you will find a range of tournaments on which you will be permitted to carry on playing once you have run out of tournament credits or once you have run out of time to take your entry.

These types of slot tournaments are commonly known as Add On slot tournaments, and as such when you have finished off playing your initial entry, if you want to try and obtain a much larger score by carrying on playing, then by opting to pay an additional fee your tournament credits will be replenished and you will be given an extra amount of time to take that entry!

One final type of slot tournament which may appeal to you are those known as Re-Buy slot tournaments, these tournaments will give you the chance of voiding your initial entry if you did not manage to make it onto the prize paying positions of that slot tournaments leader board, you will of course have to pay another entry fee, however by doing so you will get to play off your entry again with your original score being voided.

In fact some slot tournaments offer both an Add-On and Re-Buys and as such those types of slot tournaments will give you the most chances of making it to a prize paying leader board position, but only if you are prepared to pay the additional entry fees, but often the cash prizes on offer make those options worth while and attractive.



Should you still be undecided as to whether playing in any online slot tournaments is going to be enjoyable to yourself, then why not give some of the free to enter slot tournaments a try. For by doing so you are not going to have to pay anything to enter them but will still have a chance of winning some real cash prizes.

Plus if you find you do not really enjoy playing in a slot playing tournament by taking part in one of the free roll tournaments you will not have spent any of your gambling budget doing so!

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