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Do Bingo Site Slots Pay Differently to Online Slots?

fat-lady-sings-slotYou will find slot machines are available at all types of gambling sites, and if you are a fan of playing bingo online then you will of course have come across many bingo sites that offer quite an impressive suite of slot games.

There is a reason why some bingo sites have such a large range of slot games, and that is due to the gaming platform and software powering many sites are from some of the more well known online casino gaming platform suppliers such as Microgaming and Playtech.

One question that we do know a lot of bingo slot players ask is whether the slots that they are accessing and playing at their favourite bingo sites are just as high paying as the slots found in online casino sites. This is in fact a good question for with there being so many different places offering what appear to be the same slot games it could be possible for some operators to make their slots lower paying on either the bingo gaming platforms or the casino gaming platforms!

We can assure you and put you mind at rest in regards to playing slot games at bingo sites that are powered by Microgaming or Playtech that you will find the payout percentages and the jackpots offered on both their bingo slots and their respective online casino slot games are the same.

However, in regards to just how high the payout percentages are on other bingo slot games from different software and gaming platforms that will be something you need to investigate! You will often find the exact payout percentages attached to online bingo games in the help files attached to those games or you may find them listed on the pay tables of those types of slots.

It really is important that you make a note of the payout percentages any slot game has been set to return over the long term, and a good rule to follow is to never play slot games which return a payout percentage of lower than 96%!


Progressive Bingo Slot Games

If you are looking to play progressive slot games in an online bingo site then you will be best off playing at sites which are powered by the industry leaders, for by using a bingo site which operates using Microgaming or Playtech software you will find their bingo slot games which offer a progressive jackpot are linked into their online gaming platforms.

This means that when you play a slot offering Playtech or Microgaming progressive slots at either a bingo site or at an online casino site you will have exactly the same chance of winning the jackpot as the jackpot pools are linked into both gaming platforms.

In fact you will also find the many mobile gaming platforms offered by these two companies offer progressive slot games which are also linked into both the bingo and online casino networks.

The main benefit of playing these network-wide, multi platform progressive slot games is that due to the sheer amount of play time they get from players, the jackpots do grow much more quickly and are won much more regularly than stand alone progressive slot game offered by some bingo sites.


Bingo Site Slot Bonuses

One final aspect of playing at an online bingo site if you are a slot player is that you are going to find most if not all of the bonuses available are not going to be used on the range of slots offered at any bingo site, as the bonuses are obviously targeted towards bingo players.

Many players will make the mistake of signing up to a bingo site due to some huge and very generous sign up bonuses with the hope of being able to use those bonus credits on the bingo sites slot games, and they are often left disappointed when all they are permitted to play with those bonuses are bingo games!

So if you do enjoy playing slots as opposed to bingo games and you are attracted to a site due to a large bonus offer, always, and we do mean always, check the terms and conditions of those bonuses carefully to ensure you can play slots with them and not just bingo games!

In fact you are far better off playing at an online casino if you want to play slot games as you will be assured of a massive selection of slot games including three reel, video and progressive slots, and the bonuses offered at online casino are usually geared towards slot players, if fact some online casinos now have bingo games available in their games menu!



As you have just discovered you are going to find a much larger range of progressive games when playing at a bingo site powered by one of the gaming platforms which also power online casino sites, in regards to playing other types of slot you will find quite a large and diverse range of slots at most bingo sites.

As long as you stick to our advice and only ever play slots which have first and foremost been verified as being fair and random and slots offering payout percentages that have been set higher than 96% you will always get an enjoyable slot playing session and will always have a chance of winning big!

If you are ever in any doubt as to whether you will enjoy playing any slot game you come across when you are logged into a bingo site or for that matter an online casino site you should always be able to play those games via a free play option, that will always be the very best way of deciding for yourself if any slot or slots are going to be worthy of your real money action!

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