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Do Lucky Charms Work When Playing Slots?

bobs-bonus-bowling-slotWhen visiting a land based casino with the aim of playing slot machines you are going to see lots of other players doing the same thing, and quite a number of those players will have with them some form of lucky charm.

In fact, the vast majority of slot players are very superstitious and you can often find them performing all manner of strange rituals when not only picking but just what slot machines to play but also when they are playing those slot machines too!

That may lead you to ask the question whether having a lucky charm with you can increase your luck or whether that is a load of old poppy cock and a lucky charm will have no bearing on whether you are going to win or lose!

Well, there is no difference in regards to your winning chances whether you have a lucky charm with your or not, and as such anyone who does carry around a lucky charm when playing slot machines is only doing so in the mistaken belief that it will or may help them win or at the very least it will give them a slightly advantageous winning chance!


More Practical Ways to Win Playing Slots

If you have now come to the conclusion that you will be wasting your time carry around a rabbit’s foot, and you want some much more practical ways for you to win when playing any type of slot games online then read on!

The first thing you should consider doing is signing up to our featured casino sites, for one thing each of those handpicked casino sites are famed for doing is offering all of their players some very large and generous bonuses, and those bonuses are not just on offer to new players either!

The slot bonuses will of course give you plenty of additional play time however what they will also offer you are plenty of winning opportunities too, for it will only take one large valued winning payout to spin in to help you reach the play through requirements that each bonus has attached to it!

Also the best tip anyone can ever pas onto you for playing slot games is to make a point of both finding out what the payout percentages are on each slot available to you and then you should only ever play those with the highest payout percentages!


Keep Your Options Open

However, when you are faced with a huge range of different types of slot games which you will certainly find on offer at all online and even mobile casino sites, you should always keep your options open in regards to just which slots you do play.

For there will often be a time when for example a progressive jackpot awarding slot has currently got on offer via the progressive jackpot a huge amount of cash, and if that jackpot is way higher than the usual amount won via that jackpot then that slot is certainly worth playing, as the jackpot is of course overdue and may just be about to hit.

Also, always do consider playing some slot games you may never have played before or play some of the very latest new slot games, for you will often find you can have varying degrees of luck when playing a slot that you would no t usually be attracted to playing and those slots will allow you to have a completely different type of slot playing experience than you would usually have when playing the same old slots online.



So there you have it, you now know that carry around a lucky charm or lucky mascot is not going to give you an added advantage or having an increased chance of winning when playing slot games online or even in a land based venue or at an online casino site.

The random nature of slot games is always such that the more slot playing sessions you have the more winning but also the more losing session you will experience

Slot players tend to only remember the luckiest and most profitable slot playing sessions and often forget those low paying slot sessions that they have experienced. If you do want to start playing slot games online then remember the only way to take advantage of those occasional winning sessions is to make sure you cash out your winnings.

One thing you will never want to end up doing when you do play any type of slot machine online is to win a large valued jackpot and then lose it back to the casino, so above all else make sure you get into the habit of cashing out your winnings, as that way you will always have a bankroll available if and when you want to play slot games again in the future!

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