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Do Online and Mobile Slots Pay the Same?

king-cash-a-lot-slotIf you are one of the ever increasing number of slot players who have now got hold of a mobile device, whether that is a mobile phone or one of the many different tablet devices, then you may be about to use those devices to play slot games on them.

If that is the case and you have one for two questions regarding playing slots at mobile casino sites, then we have compiled this mobile slot playing article with you in mind! Be aware that many of our very well established and fully licensed online casino sites will have a mobile casino site on offer as well as their online casino sites, and as such you are best advised to play at those mobile casinos as they are run to the very same high standards as our handpicked range of online casino sites are!

As online casino game designers and suppliers have the same named slot games on offer you may be thinking of playing some mobile slots which have the same name as your usual slots you play at an online casino site.

If that is the case then one piece of information you will be glad to hear is that mobile slot games do ply and pay the exact same ways their online sister slot games, and as such you will find the same pay tables attached to those games and they will of course all payout with the exact same payout percentages as those online lot games!

In fact you will find many progressive slot games are available at some mobile casino sites and those slot games are often linked up to and networked into the online progressive slot games of the same name, and s such you have just as much chance of winning a progressive jackpot when you play at an online or mobile casino site!


How Many Mobile Slot Games are Available?

You could be surprised to learn that the mobile gaming platforms offered at many mobile casino sites have been on offer and available to mobile device users for over a decade now, and in that time there have been many different chances to the way those mobile platforms can be accessed.

One thing you will soon discover when you choose to log onto a mobile casino site is just how many different slot games there are on offer. There was a time when you would only find a dozen or so slots games available at mobile casino sites, however that has all changed now and you will often find dozens and dozens of differently structured mobile slot games on offer.

Whilst many of the slots you will be able to play at a mobile casino site will be those that have always been on offer at online casino sites, many of the bigger and more well known slot game designers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech now launch their brand new online slot games onto their respective mobile gaming platforms at the same time as new their online slot game go live.


What are the Most Played Mobile Slot Games?

It is quite hard to know just which slot games found at any mobile casino site are going o be the most played slot games, for with there not being the huge variety of slots on offer on a mobile gaming platform as is found on an online casinos gaming platform you are going to find all of the slots that can be found at any mobile casino site do get a lot of attention from players.

However, those slot players looking for some easy to play slot games will find the 3 reel slots will give them a very enjoyable slot playing experience. However if you love playing slot games which award a lot of bonus games and a lot of bonus features then do consider giving either the fruit machine games some play time or any of the huge and growing number of video slots some play time.

If on the other hand you are simply playing slot games on a mobile device with the intention of beating the odds and walking off with a life changing jackpot win then you should consider giving any of the large number of progressive slot games some play time on your mobile device.

Please spend a few minutes taking a look over some of our progressives slot game reviews for those slot games are not only found in online casino sites many of them can be accessed and played at mobile casino sites too!



You can download a mobile casino sets range of games directly onto your mobile device in the form of an App, when you do so you are going to be able to play each of the slot games on offer on those Apps either for free or for real money.

You will also find that by launching the web browser that most mobile devices no have on offer you are going to be able to play the slot games and all of the other casino games on offer at some mobile casino sites directly via that web browser.

The latter way of plying mobile slot games will be an ideal way for anyone who has very little storage space available on their mobile device as you will be able to play them but not have to worry about using up any additional storage space when playing those mobile web browsers compatible slot games!

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  • Stan Rogers says:

    The online and mobile slots plat the same as the real slot games work; it is designed to bring the same fun in virtual life too.

  • Stan Rogers says:

    The online and mobile slot games are designed by the same developers and apart from some terminology, rest everything is same, even the paying system. Just the size of these slots varies, rest everything is same, the mathematics behind the calculation, the game structure and calculations.