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Do Online Fruit Machines Offer Unlimited Nudge Features?

If you are a fruit machine player of a certain age and from the UK, then you will probably remember a range of fruit machines from Barcrest that when playing them could offer you bonus features that would award you with an unlimited amount of nudges.

When that feature was awarded to you then as long as you nudged the reels correctly and avoided nudging in onto the pay line a small valued winning combination you would be able to win the jackpot each time it was awarded to you.

Those fruit machines always proved to be popular with players, for eventually when playing them you would trigger that feature and then with skill at nudging the reels the jackpot would be there for the taking!

You may be wondering if there are any online fruit machines or even mobile device compatible fruit machines that do award that unlimited nudges feature, well f you do look round the web you are likely to find a handful of casinos that do offer such games.

Just be aware though that not all casino sites offer fruit machines to their players as it is usually only casino styled slot games that most sites have on offer.


What are Fruit Machines?

You may be blissfully unaware what exactly a fruit machine is, well they are simply slot games that have been designed in a very different way to the more commonly available slot games.

They usually have been structured in such a way that there are three stepper reels attached to them and just one single pay line that runs across the centre of the in view reel symbols.

However, when playing a fruit machine as opposed to a video slot game for example you are going to trigger a huge number of bonus games and bonus features, in fact some fruit machines award them on every single spin you play off!

Therefore they are much more entertaining games to play for those bonus games and bonus features mean that the game play is somewhat slowed down and as such you tend to get much more exiting play time when playing them as you trigger and then play off each bonus game or bonus feature awarded to you.

Plus, with just one single pay line attached to most fruit machines and fully adjustable staking options, they can be very low cost slots to play.


Differences Between Online and Land Based Fruit Machines

The way in which online and land based fruit machines have been designed is very similar, and as such all of the bonus games playing structures and additional bonus features that can be awarded and on offer to you on a fruit machine in a land based venue will be the same as the ones on offer at online casino sites.

However, there is one major difference in regards to the way that those fruit machines available in both playing environment gave been designed!

Land based fruit machines can be set with some very low long term expected payout percentages and as such when playing them in a land base gaming venue you can often find you are playing a game that has been set to return very little to players as winning payouts over the long term.

But if you make the smart decision of playing fruit machines online you will often find they boast much higher payout percentages and as such you will get more play time from your bankroll as you will be getting more winning payouts over the long term, so playing them online does have benefits!



If you have never actually played a fruit machine but are quite happy to set aside some time to play them then please do be aware you will have the option of playing those types of gaming machines at several of our featured and fully licensed casinos sites via a free play option.

That will allow you to play them at no risk what so ever but by doing so you can then see firsthand the way that they have been designed and by playing them for a fair amount of time via the free pay options you will then experience playing off each of the bonus games and bonus features that are awarded to you.

Keep in mind though that the best fruit machines to play will always be the ones that do come with adjustable staking options, meaning you can set them to play for a stake level of your own choosing and also play only those fruit machines that have the highest payout percentages too.

Make no mistake about it though, if you are a fan of triggering and being awarded with bonus games and bonus features you will not come across a range of other slots that do award as many to you as fruit machines will!

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