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Do Online Slots Have Hidden Features?

pandamoniumMany experienced land based slot game players know that there are some slot games available that have some form of built in hidden features, and as such when you know what those features are you can play the games in such a way that you will get an increased chance of winning.

Many land based slot players will therefore be wondering if any online slot games have built in hidden features, and with that question in mind we would like to present to you the following slot playing guide that is going to answer that question!

Below are a range of different online slot games from many different game designers that offer some form of hidden features on some of their respective slot games, depending on where you live in the world you may or may not be able to access all of the following slot games as some casino and slot sites will not accept players from certain countries.


Fruit Machine Hidden Features

You are going to find it is the Fruit Machines that can be found in large numbers at various different online casino sites that have hidden features built into them. One commonly overlooked feature you will find when playing Microgaming’s range of slot games is the Nudge Sneak a Peek feature.

When you have been awarded a set of nudges on a Microgaming designed Fruit Machine unless you know the exact reel strip layout of that slot you are playing and have been awarded nudges on you will never know just what symbols are currently out of view on each reel, and as such will have to guess which reels to nudge downwards in the hope you nudge in a winning combination of reel symbols on the pay line.

However, at the top of each reel you will find a special little button which when you click it will bounce the respective reel downwards, allowing you to clearly and instantly be able to see all of the out of view reel symbols on each reel as they bounce downwards. This button is a triangular shaped one, so make yourself familiar with it is going to be a very valuable hidden feature to use when the nudge feature has been awarded to you, which when playing Fruit Machines is a very regularly awarded bonus feature!

There are some very low tech types of Fruit Machines you can play which usually have just three reels and two or three different reel symbols on the reels of those slots which have several different hidden features built into them.

One such slot that springs to mind is the Bar X slot game from Electrocoin, when you play this slot and it offers you a hold after you have just been awarded a nudge feature, if you nudged onto the win line two matching symbols then by ignoring the hold feature and setting all three reels into play on that next spin you would be guaranteed of having a winning combination spinning in.

So keep that in mind when and if you do discover this slot game for it is going to enable you to be guaranteed of a winning combination forming when you nudge onto the win line two matching reel symbols and then if offered the hold you refuse it!

Another quite commonly known hidden feature on those types of slot games is the hold and spin hidden feature, when you are offered a hold on for example the Bar X slot or similar types of slot machines and you hold two matching reel symbols, if the third symbol does not spin in but the machine then offers you another hold feature you should hold those two matching symbols a second time.

If the required third symbol does not appear on that second hold, if a third hold is then offered you will be guaranteed of getting it spinning in when you hold those two matching reel symbols one third and final time! As mentioned this is now a quite commonly known and utilized hidden feature, but it is always one worth remembering.

Some slot games that offer a hold feature will not let you know that it is offering it to you, and as such the hold buttons will not illuminate when a hidden hold feature is available. This will mean that should you have spun in a winning combination on a slot game offering a hold feature, even if the hold buttons are not flashing to indicate the hold is being offered on the next spin you should tap on the hold buttons anyway to lock in that winning combination that has just spun in should of course the hidden hold feature be on offer!



As hidden features are by their very nature hidden, you are highly unlikely to realise that a slot game has got them attached to them unless you accidentally stumble on them, with this in mind it is always worth doing a search for the slot games you enjoy playing online to see if any other players have discovered any type of hidden features on those slots.

As the hidden features have been built into the slots by the designers of the games they are perfectly legal to use, and are not in any way a design fault or design flaw, and as such never be afraid to use any hidden feature you have discovered as they are there to be used and utilized!

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