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Do Slots With 99% RTP’s Exist?

bobs-bonus-bowling-slotThe RTP of a slot game is an indication of how likely you are to win over your long term play on that slot. What RTP stands for is Return to Player and when you see that information displayed on the help files or pay table of the slot it is displayed as a percentage.

The percentage displayed will be the amount of player’s collective stakes over their long term play on any one slot game that the slot has been designed to pay back to players as winning payouts, either via a base game spin or via any of the bonus games and bonus features attached to any slot.

So if you are playing a slot that has a published RTP of say 80% then that means 80.00 for every 100.00 played off on that slot is returned as winning payouts. The 80% payout percentage is based on many millions of spins and not a small number of spins, so over the short term the RTP will bounce around all over the place as players win and lose on any one slot game.

As a slot player you will therefore be best advised to play the slots with the very highest of payout percentages, and with that in mind we are going to introduce you to a couple of slots that are available online that come with RTP’s of over 99%, and as such those are the slots you should always be making a beeline to play online.


Goblin’s Cave and Ugga Bugga

It would appear that some of the highest slot game RTP’s are to be found when you play the Playtech range of slots and one you should always try and play when you want plenty of winning opportunities is their Goblin’s Cave slot, for by doing so you will be playing a slot offering a huge RTP of some 99.32%!

Another slot worth playing when you want to have extended slot playing sessions and a large proportion of your stakes returned to you as winning payout is the Ugga Bugga slot, for this little beauty which is available to play for free or for real money at all of our featured casino sites offers a payout percentage of a whopping 99.07%!

In fact, as the above two slots and those listed below are available for free online then we not test them all out, for we are more than convinced that when you see how they play and much more importantly how regularly they payout they will soon become some of your favourite slot games online.


Ocean Princess and Triple Profits

Another of Playtech’s multi-spin slots offering a very high payout percentage is their Ocean Princess slot game, this is also a multi-stake slot which is going to be suitable for all players irrespective of their bankroll, however there is no getting away from the fact that it can be a high paying slot thanks to Playtech designing it with a huge 99.07% payout percentage!

One final slot game that we think you are going to love playing, thanks to its way above average payout percentage is Playtech’s Triple Profits slot. There is a quite high valued jackpot up for grabs when playing it online, however you are always going to have a fair chance of winning and spinning in plenty of winning combinations due to the fact IT has a certified long term payout percentage of a huge 99.07%!

Do give the above slots a whirl for you really are going to be hard pressed to find any higher paying slot games than them, no matter how hard you look!



It is of course up to you and you alone just which slot machines and slot games you play online, however always remember there will be some high paying slots and some slots that due to them having low payout percentages are best avoided at all times.

By taking a good look round our website you will find that we have a large range of slot game reviews that you are invited and are more than welcome to read through, and by doing so you will find listed on them and our additional slot playing guides and articles the payout percentages each slot game has been designed to pay out to players over the long term.

You can and in fact will have a varying degree of luck when playing any slot but just remember that even though a slot game may have a payout percentage of 99% or higher, you single sessions playing those slots will result in different RTP’s for those sessions as you will experience losing spins and winning spins, but over the long term play you should achieve those expected payouts percentage on each slot game we have listed above.

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