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Do the stakes I play slots for affect my winning chances?

gopher-gold-slotYou will find that when you are playing most in not all slot games online you will have the ability of either adjusting the coin values and number of coins you wager per payline and you will of course in most cases be able to pick and choose just how many pay lines on a slot game you activate.

However one question that you may have in regards to playing multi stake slot games is whether the actual stakes you are playing those slot machines for have an effect either positive or negative on your overall winning chances.

This is a good question, for you would have thought that a high stake player who is prepared to wager for maximum bet spins when playing slot games should be rewarded with more winning payouts than a player who only wishes to play a for tiny stakes per spin.

In this slot playing guide we will take a look at some slot games that will give you more machines of winning when playing for higher stakes and will let you know what slots will not offer you any more winning chances when playing for high stakes than a player who is playing the same slot for lower stake amounts.

Three Reel Progressive Slot Stakes

Should you be a fan of the many different types of progressive slot machine you will come across online then you do need to be aware of what difference playing them for various different stakes will have on them.

For example if you are playing a three reel progressive slot which offers a single payline then in most cases you will find that if you can put into play more than one coin on that payline the only way you will have of winning the jackpot is by playing maximum bet spins, playing anything lower than maximum bet spins turns off the progressive jackpot element of the game and you will instead be awarded a much smaller payout if you line up the jackpot symbols.

If however a three reel progressive slot games offers you the ability of playing more than one payline then it is often the case that you are obliged to play all of the available pay lines to have any chance of winning the progressives jackpot which is awarded by spinning in the jackpot symbols on the highest number pay lines only.

Progressive video slot games are however a very different matter when it comes to the stake options and we will take a look at these types of games below.

Video Slots with Progressive Jackpots

There are a lot of different types of progressive slot games which are designed around a video slot structure, and the stake levels at which you play those types of slot games for will usually have an effect of your winning chances.

Take for example the Real Time Series selection of Real Series slots, these games all offer players a progressive jackpot in fact some of them have more than one jackpot on offer, and when you play these games you have the chance of winning the jackpot no matter how much you wager per spin.

But there is more chance that you will be awarded the jackpot on those games if you play for high stake amounts as the way the jackpots are aware which are randomly can be described as a raffle and by having more entries (stakes) in any raffle your winning chances obviously increase, and they will increase quite dramatically if you are playing for large stakes.

It is worth noting that Playtech and Microgaming also have their own unique types of randomly awarded progressive video slot games on offer and you will find they all work in a similar way, so whilst you can play them for low stakes by upping your stakes and playing that slot more you winning chances will significantly increase.

There are also some progressives video slots which you can play which will award you with the jackpot on just one single payline but often you will find it is the highest numbered payline that offers that jackpot payout, and as such if you do come across those type of slots then you are best advised to stick to playing for the highest stake amount with all of the pay lines activated as you will never have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot without activating all of its pay lines.


The pay table on any slot machine whether that machine is a video slot or a three reel slot is going to be your friend! You will be best off checking the pay table long before you actually start to play any type of slot game for by doing so you will find the full listing of payouts on that pay table and will also find out if any of the payouts have been enhanced.

As mentioned above progressive video slots and three reel progressive slots can award their respective jackpot sin different ways however when playing most standard video slots you will have the same jackpot payout on offer when playing any number of pay lines, but the more lines you activate the more chances you will have of winning the jackpot and all other winning combinations that are listed on the pay table.

Classic three reel slots usually always have an enhanced payout attached to the jackpot payout when you playing maximum coins or maximum bets so always play the maximum bet stake when playing those slots as that is how you are guaranteed to have the best chances of winning when playing them!

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