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Does a High Paying Bonus Game Follow a Low Paying One?

untamed-bengal-tiger-slotWe are confident that there will have been many times when you have been playing a video slot for quite a while and you then trigger a low paying bonus feature game and when that feature game triggers an additional time the second one was a much higher paying one than the first!

If that is something you have experienced then it may lead you to believe that a low paying bonus game is followed by a much higher paying bonus game! However, that is certainly not the case, and you should never be lured into playing a slot game if you have just triggered a low paying bonus game in the mistaken believe the next one will be a higher paying one.

Every single slot game you can play online will be random, so for a start you will never know when a bonus game will be triggered and awarded to you and there are never any guarantees they will be high paying ones, even if you have just played off a low paying one a few spins previously to the bonus game you have just triggered so keep that in mind!


How to Achieve High Payout Potential on a Slots Bonus Game

There is one sure fire way for you to always have the best chance of winning the highest value payouts achievable on any bonus game attached to any slot game, and that is by you always playing the base game for the maximum stakes possible.

The outcome of many pick and match bonus games and also many different pick and win bonus games are determined by the value of the wagers and stakes you are playing off the base game for. So if you can afford to play slot games for very high stake levels then that is the best ways to do so.

However, never be put off playing any type of slot game if you only have a small modest bankroll for when playing for example high variance slot games online, even if you are playing off each base game spin for a very low stake amount you still have a very good chance of winning big via the base game or the bonus game on offer on that slot.

However, it will, at the end of the day, be down to luck and luck alone as to whether you do win big when playing any slot game!


Multi-Stage Slot Bonus Features

Some slot games will offer you something known as a multi-stage bonus game feature, and when that bonus game has been triggered and awarded to you the aim of playing of that bonus feature game is to make it through each different stage of the bonus game.

The most commonly available type of multi-stage bonus games that quite a number of slot games will have on offer is a pick to win style bonus game, some of those bonus games are random and some of them have a pre-determined outcome.

You are going to be best advised to play the slots which never have a pre-determined outcome and play those bonus picking games which are completely random, for they are much more exciting bonus games to play off and ones on which your skill at picking off the locations on the bonus game screen have a true outcome to the bonus game.

A per-determined bonus picking game by the way will be one on which the slot does not reveal to you after you have played of the bonus game what is hiding behind all of the un-picked locations on the bonus game screen, a random picking game will reveal what is hiding behind those positions when the bonus game ends!



Just remember that you are always going to be taking risks when you start to play slot games anywhere for real money, and with that in mind we do think it is important that you have in place your own unique slot playing strategy.

Try and always equate every single spin to your bankroll and try and also get the maximum number of spins out of your bankroll, which could be by you playing for lower stake levels or even increasing the value of your bankroll by claiming one of the many different types of casino bonuses that will always be on offer to you.

One final thing we want you to always do when that lucky winning slot playing session arrives, which it will do eventually by the way, is for you to make a withdrawal of some or even all of those winnings. No slot player will ever want to win big and then lose all of those winnings back to the casino, which is something that thousands of slot players do every single day of the year!

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