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Even More New Slot Game Wild Symbols

jonny-specter-slot-wildWild symbols have been around for many years now and you are almost guaranteed to find them on virtually every slot machine you choose to play. However, over the years the way in  which the wild symbols works and operates has been changing and now you will find when you spin in one or more of these symbols on some of the more modern slot games they will not only stand in for other reel symbols and help complete winning combinations!

Some wild symbols can expand and some of them will boost multiplier values and as such it is often the case that when wild symbols do spin in you are going to find they can not only help your form multiple winning combinations but any winning combinations that they help to form will have the payout values often massively increased.

In the last few months we have seen a range of slot games being launched that come with a new breed and type of wild symbol in play on their reels, and with this in mind in this slot playing guide we will introduce you to a couple of the newest online slot games that come with a brand new type of wild symbol that you will possibly never have come across before.


Cloning Wild Symbols

One brand new type of wild symbol that you will find attached to the reels of the Sunset Beach slot game which is a Playtech designed and supplied slot game is known as the Cloning Wild symbol, and this is one symbol you really will be hoping to see spinning in time and time again.

In fact the Sunset Beach slot from Playtech is quite an unusual slot game for when you are playing it you will not be playing one single slot but instead you are forced to play four of those slots all at the same time, and as such you will have to stake a wager on each of the four slot game screens that are always in play on the screen.

The four slots will all play out in turn once you have clicked onto the spin button the send the reels into live play, and there are three separate wild symbols in play on all of those slot game screen which for reference are the Women reel symbols.

Now as soon as one of those symbols spins in it will magically transpose itself onto the other slot game screen in order and will appear on the game reel, being wild expanding symbols they will also cover the entire reels they spin in on.

So when you do diced to play this Sunset Beach slot game online if you get lots of wild symbols spinning in on the first screen then you are going to find all of the other screen ill also have the same wild positions in those same corresponding reel positions, and when you get lots of them spinning in there is a very good chance you will win some large amounts of cash!

So make sure you allocated a little bit of play time to this slot when you are next logged into a Playtech powered online  casino site as it is a great slot to play and one that could award you with some huge amounts of cash!


Magnetic Wild Symbols

If you choose to play any of the many Microgaming designed slot games online you will find a brand new slot game which is called the Girls with Guns slot game, the second slot in the series is the Frozen Dawn version of this slot and when playing it you can trigger a set of free spins as the slot games bonus game and those free spins have in play what are known as Magnetic Wild symbols.

These symbols are worth spinning in for when they do they are going to use their magnetism to pull in onto the slot game screen additional wild symbols, and the more of the wild symbols that are pulled onto the slot game screen during the free spins bonus game and depending on where they are placed onto the screen you can often find you form lots of additional winning combinations once they appear.

In fact this slot game also boasts another unusual set of wild symbols which are known as Frozen Wild symbols and when they spin in they will freeze themselves onto the reel positions they appear on and as such can stay in place for several consecutive spins which may help you achieve lots of consecutive winning spins!



Always be on the lookout for unusual reel symbols that may be attached to any new slot game you come across when you are playing at an online casino site, for there are always going o be a steady stream of brand new slot games being released at various times of the year at lots of our feature online casino sites, and plenty of those new slot games will of course come with some form of wild symbol.

If you do see a wild symbol in play that has got some form of additional bonus feature attached to it and out are unsure of how that bonus feature works or plays out then by clicking on the slot games pay table or by accessing the slot games help file that is where you will find a complete overview and description of how that wild symbol has been designed to work and play.

Also do have a look at as many of our in-depth and very informative slot game reviews for by spending any amount of time reading through them you will find a range of different slot games boasting all manner of unique wild symbols in additional to a whole slew of unique base and bonus game feature games and rounds.

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