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Everything about online casino bonuses.

As a majority of things connected with the Internet bonuses offered to the gamblers in the online casino have a rather short history. However for this short period of time they have already left a visible trace in our life. For a newcomer that has started his steps in the online gambling bonuses are a precious present because they can change all the game strategy that the gambler planned to play.

Bonuses in the Internet casino.

Here is a real life story that happened to my friend. At that time the internet casino only started offering bonuses for the newcomers. My friend and I related to such rewards very suspiciously. We knew that money can`t be found on the ground and if someone offers them to you then it must be a trap. I rejected bonus offers at once as something impossible but my friend stayed intrigued and decided to try.

He read on the sites of one of the online casinos about the rules of getting the bonuses. It is interesting that the only experience of my friend`s participating in the gambling was the fact that he lost about 50$ in the slot machine in Las-Vegas several years ago. So he told that in online casino his primary plan was to play slot machines a bit because at that time he didn`t know the rules of any other casino games.

Fortunately before he made the first money deposit he observed the free game regime and found such a nice game as blackjack! Certainly he learnt the name of the game which was known among the gamblers. However he didn`t still know the game rules and couldn`t understand how to play it in order to win. So the boy just decided to search the information about the Blackjack on the Internet. In short in some time my friend learnt that Blackjack is the best way to get good bonuses from the casino than slot machines. Bonuses and wining in Blackjack in several internet casinos gave him good money means with which it was possible to start a great game. All in all the year of playing in different online casinos gave him about 20.000$. Bonuses helped him to get it. Today my acquaintance plays at great Blackjack tables in the online casino as well as in the habitual ground casino.

Some gamblers like casino bonuses because of these free bonuses. Other gamblers use bonuses in order to increase the stakes and prolong the game`s time with the same level of their own deposits in the casino. Other gamblers are permanent hunters for the bonuses with the aim of banking them as soon as such an opportunity appears (this scheme is the most complex nowadays to fulfill). In any case it is difficult to find someone who would refuse from the bonus that is offered to him by the online casino.

By the way while there is online casino in the internet the bonuses will always increase their size. Online gambling industry advances with seven-league stride. As a result the gamblers as well as the online casino are happy. Online casino gets and entices more and more gamblers from the hired casinos. And the gamblers get more and more bonuses and a higher service level from the internet casino. That`s why money from the online casino is a reality!

If you have never played in the online casino and you doubt in the honesty of bonus offers then I hope that I will be able to make you change your mind. Now when you know about the existence of almost free money in the casino it`s high time learn what is the best way of getting them and what kinds of bonuses will suit you. Our site is oriented on the great gamblers in the online casino and presents a great majority of information about casino bonuses. Especially it deals with the greatest bonuses for Russian gamblers in the online casino. It may seem to a newcomer that there is a great number of information. In other articles of the site I will tell all the things that are necessary for becoming a real expert in this sphere! And now let`s start with the simplest – deposit bonuses in the casino.

Deposit bonuses. Bonuses for the first deposit.

The most extended and habitual and profitable bonuses are the ones that are fined for your first deposit anywhere. This type of bonuses is known also as Welcoming bonuses. They are meant for the gamblers who have just logged in the internet gambling house and have never there before. So mutually advantageous relations turn out. It implies that you participate in the new casino and it pays you for logging in not for the game.

Various online casinos possess various schemes of giving deposit bonuses. Some casinos fine bonuses immediately and automatically at the appearing deposit number one on you account in the gambling house. The casinos fine rarely after the filling the player`s questionnaire or after your request about fining such a bonus sent to the support service.
Although bonuses are a tasty morsel for any online gambler nevertheless you should not forget reading the conditions for giving the very bonus. All the bonuses look very tempting but some of them require the attendance of a minimal amount of money on your account. If requirement for the minimal deposit is 50$ and you put only 20$ you won`t obtain even such a small bonus as 50$. I could not talk to you about this condition. You can read about it in any agreement that is to be found on the site. Naturally must be attentive.

Usually the deposit bonuses size varies in dependence of the deposit sum. Minimal size of the first bonus is 100% bonus that corresponds to the size of your deposit. Usually 100% bonuses are limited by a definite sum. If you place 200$ into the internet casino then you will receive 200$ more as a bonus. So you can play having 400$ already.
The newcomers shouldn’t pay attention the bonuses less than 100% deposit. Due to the bonus size your chances for a lucky game also decrease. Naturally there is also a maximal number of super dividends that you can obtain at once and for the definite time. If you don`t bring a million dollars to the online gambling establishment then certainly you will not obtain the same money. I am an active online gambler and I think you can receive the most number of bonuses when you place your first deposit in the casino at the size of 100$ – 1000$. If it happens that you obtain a great bonus that promises you a great profit then don`t neglect to check all the conditions associated with the receiving and winning back such a bonus attentively. Usually the larger the bonus is crueler the conditions of winning it back are.

Wager. Winning the bonuses back in the casino.

How the bonuses won back and what are are the demands of winning the bonuses back? To get an opportunity of fining the bonus in the casino you should have a definite number of bets. The minimal sum of such bets is called Wager.
Wager is a sum of bets indicated in the rules that you have to carry out to get bonus money from your account. In accordance with the conditions of any internet casino you won`t be able to obtain bonus money if this agreement`s condition is not carried out. So are the conditions of any internet casino. Certainly before placing a deposit you tell the support service in advance that you are refusing bonuses and afterwards you will receive money from the casino at any time you want. However don`t you desire to obtain these bonuses? Personally I haven`t met such people who rejected the internet bonuses!

Some rare casinos give the bonus not immediately but only after the making of all required bets. Such conditions will be rather profitable for the gamblers who thought that he didn`t admire the casino and he wants just to fine the money to visit other gambling establishment.

Then you should attentively read what kinds of gambling are allowed at winning the deposit bonuses chosen by you back. Earlier it wasn`t counted as a trouble but since people started playing only for the bonuses` sake that they fined many online gambling houses changed their conditions to stop these cases from abusing or even to create the process of bonus hunting more difficult. If you desire to play the game and it happens that you won`t receive a good bonus then you are allowed to reject any bonuses. This will assist you to fine the currency any moment without any problems. Or it is worth finding such a casino in which you can participate in your favorite games and you will surely get good bonuses. If you are searching a new casino with an aim of getting new bonuses next you can use our information base of the greatest internet casinos right from the home page of our site.

Sticky bonuses in the online casino.

What do we understand under the term sticky bonuses? People dealing with internet casino industry during the last years could have already noticed that it is used very often. However it is also probable that there are people who still don`t know its meaning. There has been only one type of bonuses for a continuous time. They were called deposit bonuses. For this reason the term sticky is mandatory to be explained in detail.

As we know many gamblers have already started to use profitable bonus offers. It is not a secret that they have played for not very short period and soon after the winnings they fined their wining immediately and have never returned into this hospitable casino. Naturally since that time casino wanted to save their gamblers and prevented themselves from Bonus Hunters that do not present any interest for them and who on the contrary bother them. So many internet casinos decided to reject from a lot of bonuses as they took from the very start.

At first the most beneficial games such as Blackjack and Video poker with an aim of winning the bonuses back were banned. However it is clear that they are a foundation stone of all the casinos. Due to these gambles new gamblers usually log in. The games are simple and very popular among the players in the online casinos and in the ground casinos. For this reason sticky bonuses appeared.

Bonus is called sticky because of the carrying out the conditions of winning back the bonus. Nevertheless it can`t be lost. It is saved in the reserves of the online gambling house. Other money means besides the sticky bonus can be fined in the usual way. It can be given as an account or it can be remitted to your bank plastic card account and etc. Though a sticky bonus can`t be fined itself nevertheless it gives you an opportunity to make higher bets that can exceed your balance and the requirements of winning the bonus back are lower than usual bonuses. Just think about this bonus as about a means of insurance of your currency in the casino.

Sometimes you may be disappointed with impossibility of fining this bonus then you probably will find the consolation because sticky bonuses are very high. Sticky bonuses have softer conditions. They don`t become a burden if you get great bonuses in the casino.

There are two types of sticky bonuses in the internet casino: 

1) A usual sticky bonus.
The bonus disappears at once if you get money in the casino even once. You will easily receive all your money but the bonus disappears.

2) A temporary bonus.
If you aim to fine money the bonus will not necessarily disappear. The bonus will surely be active for the period of time that was stated in the conditions on the site. The action duration in each casino is different. So you must always notice length of a sticky bonus.
I hope that this short article will help you to realize the essence and the work of the bonuses. Remember that bonuses are your best chance to win in the online gambling house. Playing with bonuses you have an advantage before the casino! Good luck.

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