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Free Spins Bonus Game Trigger Rates

Playing any slot game that has a set of free spins that can be triggered or in fact any type of bonus game that could be awarded to you is going to be exciting to play, however they can be rather annoying slots too!

For you will often find that when playing such a slot you will spin in one and then two of the required bonus game triggering symbols which could be scatter symbols or bonus symbols but the third one required to spin in before the bonus game is triggered will sadly not appear on that same spin!

You can often also wait for ages to trigger a bonus game and play off hundreds of base game spins before a bonus game is finally triggered by you and there is no knowing in advance if that bonus game is going to be a high paying one or a low paying one.

With that in mind below we have listed a range of different types of bonus games that can be triggered on online slot games and you will find also listed a range of slots along with the average number of spins it should take you to trigger each slot games bonus game.

The facts and figures are the average number of base game spins you will have to play off between bonus games triggering so they can and will vary wildly when you are playing in a real money playing environment as each slot is of course completely random!


Free Spin Bonus Game Slots

What you will find when playing many slot games that offer a free spins bonus feature as their main bonus game is that those bonus games tend to trigger on average between 100 and 150 base game spins, sometimes however you will trigger them much quicker and on some occasions it may take hundreds of spins before such a bonus game is awarded to you.

With that in mind you should always try and set about playing such slots in a way that will give you a very fair and reasonable chance of triggering such a bonus game, and as such divide up your bankroll in such a way that you will have enough cash to play off 100 to 150 spins on your allocated slot playing bankroll.

One thing you should never do however is to become obsessed with trying to trigger a set of free spins, for you could spend a fortune playing off hundreds of base game spins and never actually trigger the free spins.

If you do become obsessed with trying to trigger the free spins when they do finally trigger you may find they pay out less than you have spent trying to trigger them in the first place!


Pick and Win Bonus Game Slots

The most frequently triggered bonus games on offer on mobile slot and online slot machines are picking and pick to win styled bonus games and it usually on average takes around 50 to 100 base game spins before you will be awarded with such a feature.

However, unlike the free spin bonus games pick and win style bonus games do not tend to award mega winning payouts on some of the older styled slot games as the most you can win is a set number of coins depending on how much you wagered and how many bonus symbols you spun in to trigger those bonus games.

But be on the lookout for some of the brand new video slots that offer pick and win style bonus featured and bonus games for when playing those newer slot you do have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot when they are triggered, and some of those jackpots really can be life changing.

If a pick to win bonus game is trigged by a special set of symbols that have to line up from left to right but only on activate paylines then the best strategy to adopt to play those slot machines is by playing them will maximum line spins in play!


Play for Free to Master Playing

You have the option at every casino site we have approved to play any of their range of slot games for free and at no cost and with that in mind you should consider doing so initially to see if you do like playing a range of slot games you may never have played before.

By doing so you will have plenty of thrills and spills but won’t be spending anything playing those slots, but do make sure however that you play long enough via the free play demo mode versions of each slot to trigger their respective bonus games a couple of times at least to see how they play and pay too!

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