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Game Systems And “Tricking” Of Gamblers, part 1

Since the advent of online gambling all sorts of game systems appeared. As evidence one can cite examples of the works of such russians masters of a pen, as A.S. Pushkin with his “Queen of spades” or F.M. Dostoevsky’s “The Gambler”. Many years passed since then, but the desire of the gamblers to trick fortune and the game didn’t extinguish. Certainly, with time a lot of new game have appeared and continue to appear, but good old-roulette still attracts great interest of the gamblers. Many scammers offer for a small amount of money, within a few tens of dollars, to buy their “winning” systems of controlling the game, with which you can easily win every day hundreds of dollars. There are many people who believe them and buy these materials, but, as it is known, the free cheese happens only in a mousetrap. Let us objectively consider these “systems” of the game and see if they are really so effective. We shall begin, however, with systems that actually work.

The optimal game strategy.
Essentially all the casino games can be divided into two large categories – games of chance and games of skill. Games of chance, such as roulette, slots, craps, different types of lottery games require from the gambler only the bet, after which nothing depends on him. The gambler is just waiting for the result. As for games of skill, then here after the bet the gambler himself can change the course of the game by making a decision. These games include almost all varieties of poker, blackjack, red dog. As for the first category of games, then, as was noted earlier, the gambler by no means can change the mathematical expectation of game. In some games, the gambler only may slightly increase the probability of winning by selecting the best bets (in games of the type of the bones the casino’s advantage varies from 1 to 11% for the different kinds of bets). But let’s pass over to the game, the outcome of which fully depends on your skill. Because in these games you make a decision directly in the course of the game, then the mathematical expectation is changing accordingly. Therefore, for these kinds of games the concept of optimal or basic strategy is inherent. This strategy allows you to minimize the advantage of the casino. For games in which the player is limited to the continuation or suspension of the game, this strategy is simple. For example, in the war of the casino it reads: “always fight.” In Caribbean poker the strategy is a little longer, it says, the gambler must continue to play with any combination from a pair and higher, to dump any other card (the only exception is a combination of an ace-king, it’s more difficult, but also falls out rarely). If we need to take a more difficult decision, then the strategy of the game takes a more complicated character. The more diverse the decision is, the more difficult the basic strategy of the game will be. For example, the strategy of the game for videopoker consists of 40 points, for blackjack it has a view of the table 27х10, and for switch blackjack even more. There are games, such as, for instance, hold’em poker casino, strategy of which is so complicated, that its brief review and placement in the Internet seems to be impossible. Many of the optimal strategy can be found in the networks of the World Wide Web absolutely free of charge. Thanks God, rich network businessmen are not trying to get rich on them.

It’s a pity, but the usage of the basic strategy does not give the gambler the guarantee of winning, because even in this case the mathematic expectation of the game will be negative for the gambler. The fact is that the use of the basic strategy can reduce the casino advantage to half a percent in blackjack or videopoker, but does not lead to the conclusion of the game in the plus. The refusal from the optimal strategy will lead to an increase in the benefits of casino to 10%, therefore, it is stupid to deny it. In games such as blackjack and some types of Russian poker a gambler can theoretically even get an advantage over the gambling institution, thanks to the counting of cards. Unfortunately, it is only possible in a real casino, and you should not think that this method will allow you a guaranteed winning in every session.

Bonus-hunting and mixed strategies.
Systems that allow a safe game do not exist. However, there are mixed strategies of the game, which are based on the use of bonuses, which have all the chances to help you to win. Using such bonuses in certain cases, you theoretically have some advantage over the casino. When the casino’s advantage over a gambler in a certain game is a value less than 1/wager on bonus (for the bonus to be withdrawn), the difference between these numbers will be the advantage of the gambler. For example, playing in blackjack, where the house edge is 0.5%, getting a bonus with a wager 100*bonus points, we can calculate your theoretical advantage over the casino as follows: 1/100- 0.5%=0.5 per cent. I remind that the advantage of the gambler is no guarantee that you will play a bonus into plus each time. During the game you can go in minus, but in the end at a distance (many casinos and many bonuses) you must remain a winner.
Is there a need for buying such systems? In most cases, no, because many of them are poor and are not true. As a rule, their basis is getting a bonus and winning it back with Martingale on roulette (for example, on the super-popular “Project Roulette”). However, we should remember that almost in all of the casinos the winning back of bonus on roulette is not valid, but even if it is not, the game even with a bonus on roulette will not be in plus because of the high wager and advantages of the casino. In addition to this people, offering to sell these systems, recommend a specific casino, where, basically, the so-called “sticky” bonuses are offered. They have some disadvantages: their value is two times less than the bonuses withdrawn; this value can be achieved only by keeping the game on a strictly defined strategy of the winning back of the bonus. In addition, access to information to a bonus hunter for them is available in the Internet for absolutely free. There are rumors that some of the professionals on the hunt for bonuses put up for sale their achievements, where, in principle, it is possible to find a couple of useful tips. However, they have their own pitfalls: these tips can be found for free on the World Wide Web, though in different places; the fact that the knowledge is offered for sale, should come across on the idea that the bonus-hunter refuses his activities, which can mean a lack of income on a given system. Even if we assume, that the hunter for bonuses already does not earn a lot of money on his system, then imagine how it will be difficult to do this for you, the beginner in this activity.

Before putting a point in this section, I would like once again to warn that it is not worth ever buying the “mass” systems, which include the game on bonuses, as they are useless, and sometimes even harmful. As for unique materials of a qualified bonus-hunter, I would not recommend for complete beginners to purchase them. Another thing, if you already have some experience in this matter and your goal is to deepen your knowledge with a full understanding of what you need and what is being offered. In any case, if you have decided to start a career as a hunter for bonuses, free information found on web sites, including this site, will be enough for you.

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