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Game Systems And “Tricking” Of Gamblers, part 2

We continue the conversation about the game systems, in this part we shall speak about how gamblers are cheated.

Game systems in roulette (martingale system and varying rates).
Perhaps we should start with the most well-known systems on the market – systems for the roulette, which appeared just immediately after the invention of the game itself. Despite the fact that these strategies appeared quite a long time ago, modern systems have a common basis with them. Although, there are still no cases of destruction of casinos with the help of data provided by roulette systems, new gamblers still do not cease to try using them, probably hoping that the strategy will work for them. Of course, the most well-known among the “promising” systems can be called the martingale system, which traces its history from the 18th century, though it was named after the gambler who was a hundred years younger. This roulette strategy is as follows: put the unit on chances, let it be black. Black falls out, you are in positive territory at 1. In case, if the bet is not played, then you need to double it, i.e. in this case you put the 2 in the black, if you lose, then again double. In case of winning you will once again be in the black for one bet (1-2+4=+1). I.e. the main point is that, each time, when the bet is not played, you double it. In case of winning you return to the original bet in the unit. In any case you remain in positive territory. Everything seems to be honest and no catch seems to be present in it, but it is worth considering the fact that a case when the same color doesn’t fall out in a few times is quite a normal phenomenon. So, if we take the 10 losing spins in a row, the probability of this will be 1 to 785. And the bet that you will have to set the eleventh time, will be 1024 provided that 1023 you have already lost. So, at a distance of 800 spins (which is less than the day of the game) you need a Bank of 2000, not to flood everything. Does every person have an extra pair of thousands? I am not sure in this. But, even if you have the money, do not forget that all the roulette tables have limits, as a rule, 1-100 units. Therefore, the system of Martingale will collapse as early as the eighth rotation. The amount of losses will be 28 units. So, ideally, for making the system work, you need to have an inexhaustible purse of money and unlimited limit of the table, which in practice is impossible. This strategy of the game in the end gives all the same -2,7% of mathematical expectation. It is worth pointing out that the martingale when a bank is small will bankrupt you faster than the game by a flat bet.

I tell you with full responsibility – safe systems for the roulette do not exist! The advantage of casino 2.7% will remain unchanged, as it was. Especially in the online casino, where there are random number generators of a very high quality. So, when somebody is speaking about the systems, beating roulette, no matter what intelligent words and formulas may sound in it, don’t believe it and run away from scammers! The sites that promise easy enrichment at the expense of doubling roulette bets have widely spread over the recent time. So, these sites belong to the casinos, which are advertised there as “proven”! Do you believe that they would really promote a winning system?

In a real roulette there is a small chance to receive an advantage because of detection of non-randomness: style of croupier’s spurt, depreciation of the roulette wheel with the acquisition of a small slope, etc. But remember, casual online roulette will never be outwitted, such a science as the theory of probability proves it!.

“Hacking” and “vulnerability”.
In addition to the programs being already mentioned and strategies in the software, which helps to break the casino, or find its certain vulnerabilities, is offered in the Internet. Immediately, I note that this is utter nonsense. Life and money, which will go an endless stream, you can imagine only in computer games, but not in the online casino. The fact is, that the information on each gambler is stored on the server, and even if there is a program, which will “draw” to your casino balance a couple of zeros, the correct figures will still remain on the server that will not allow you to withdraw more than you actually won. The same is true about the software that allows you making a roulette issue the number on which you have placed, or give you the necessary card. Undoubtedly, your local program may show you the right falling out, but the server, however, will still generate the number or card, which were set by the generator of random numbers, and your balance will correspond to the card or the number fallen in reality. It follows that to change anything in the system of the casino, you should hack the server, it is unlikely to happen, for the recent years such incidents didn’t happen, at least in the famous casino. And if you suppose that the program will be able to do it for just some $50, then you are, undoubtedly, a utopian.

As for vulnerabilities, there are several variations. The problem lies in the fact that vulnerabilities do not exist and they were just invented. Often they may be invented even by the owners of the casino to attract, motivate naive gamblers so that they will lose as much money as possible, fulfilling certain conditions for the vulnerability. As a rule, these are the owners of the “scripting casinos”, which represent a normal php scripts, sold in the Internet for $1. Taking into consideration the fact that these scripts are available and anyone can buy them, modify and sell to the future owner of the casino, and then there is a big probability that these gambling establishments have certain gaps or “holes” that can be of use for you. But the question is,if it is necessary to pay for these vulnerabilities? In my opinion no, because this is true a bad casino, whose owner wanted to earn, but certainly not to spend, money quickly. From this it follows that even if you win in the casino, it’s unlikely you’ll get the win.

In spite of the fact that we are discussing the online casino on the site, I am eager to say a few words about the sale of the systems allowing beating games offline, as a rule, slots. As it was already mentioned, there is a certain probability to beat roulette, taking into account its non-ideality, as well as blackjack counting cards. But it is worth remembering that these methods are described in special literature, which is sold in bookstores, and not on dubious sites. However, I want to understand the systems, which allow you to beat the slots. Part of such systems will offer variations of bets that cannot make the game a plus one. Some of them will describe the crazy ways such as dropping in a slot machine warm or cold coins or pushing a machine when it stops. The rest will be based on the search and use of software vulnerabilities of the slot machine. It is correct, because the modern slot is a specialized computer that executes its program. And, as it is a program, then it may have its shortcomings, which you can use for your own purposes. There may be two options.

The first is the accidental mistakes. The second is an error specially made by a programmer for its subsequent use for his advantage. Putting it simpler, the programmer leaves a loophole, with the help of which he is going to make money. This option has, in its turn, also a kind of vulnerability, which is implemented with the reprogramming of the machine. However, it should be mentioned, that the more famous the manufacturer of the software is, the lower the probability of such mistakes is. However, such errors exist, and they really give a good chance to win. However, there are some limitations and problems. Firstly, it is not necessary to win too much, as the owners of casinos will not be particularly delighted when you tear off a big sum from them. Secondly, one must first look for this machine, which contains useful vulnerability. Each machine has its own version of the firmware with its own features, so the search for the slot is quite a difficult task. Well and the last problem on the way to wealth can be a simple deception. Under the pretence of errors in the software you can buy a pacifier. Theoretically there is a possibility of beating the slot machine, using its vulnerability and errors. In practice, however I would not recommend buying information about this, since there is a high probability that you will be sold the incorrect or obsolete information.
How is “trash plugged”?

Though I brought a lot of things that should keep you from buying dubious programs and systems, to secure the material I am also eager to tell you about the methods of sale of the mountain-assistants. I hope that it is not necessary to spend my and your time to explain, why it is not recommended to buy this software from dubious sites, where there is a specific page, filled with reviews of happy owners of programs and systems. In short, like paradise on the earth. This option we, perhaps, shall immediately strike out. The rest of the sites are more solid and it is obvious that the people tried and invested money in their scam. Next come again the stories about the martingale method, which allows you to win about $100 a day. Well, we have already spoken about it and everything should be clear. If you do not believe, it is a banal checking of data of sites. Practically all of them come with the reference to the recommended casino for the game, it’s not a direct address, but addresses of partner sites. What is the sense in these references? And the sense is that the casino pays a percentage of the gambler’s revenue! If the proposed strategy is working, what is then the reason to give links to affiliate programs? And the fact is, that they earn on such naive gamblers two times. The first time is when they are sold obviously a non-working system and the second time, taking off them a certain percentage of the amount at the casino. Often even the main problem is not the money for the sale of the system, which can cost a penny or even be free of charge, but the attraction of the gambler to the casino with the link of the seller.

There is one more variety of sale system – with the help of the forum. Its essence consists in the fact that the bait with the information about the allegedly existing system, which allows a safe game, is given. Further, there are reports of happy users of the system, which successfully benefit from it. Then comes an offer to buy the system, some offer to watch the video, proving the effectiveness of the strategy. As a rule, this is one and the same person, registered under different nicknames. Note that these users will have a few messages, usually only of advertising character. And you know, many believe these guys and continue to buy this crap. For clarity, I am eager to tell you a few stories, I hope, the analogy is quite transparent. Let’s go: the first story happened in the United States.

One resident received a letter, the text of which reads that there was a good offer from a brokerage company about the investment of cash funds of the message recipient. They made the forecast, that kind some company X at the end of the week would get more expensive. And its price really went up. After this again came the letter, which stated that company Y in the end of the week would fall in the price. And it actually happened. Then, in the next letter the forecast of the growth of the company’s shares Z was given. And again bingo! Is it impressive? The following letter came with an advice buy shares of the little-known company A. This time the recipient of the message believed in it. How can you not disbelieve, when correct predictions on all previous companies were made? He bought the shares, and quickly lost all his money. So, the company’s aim was the sale of the company’s shares. But the question is how did they so accurately guess the rise and fall of the shares? The whole situation is very simple. The first time they sent, for example, a hundred letters, 50 of which were with the version of the growth of the shares, and the other 50 – with the fall.

Further, by selecting the 50 letters in which they guessed the answer, they sent to these addresses 25 letters with the rise and fall of the shares of another company. Then on the 25 addresses, the answers to which coincided with the changes of the shares on the market, an offer to purchase the shares of A firm was sent. The second story happened in our days in Russia. A gambler of the bookmaker company received the ICQ message with the proposal of the purchase of unique information about the contractual matches. Naturally, the gambler was interested in the informer. Of course he does not receive the answer to this question, but, as a proof, he was offered completely free of charge information that in one of the tennis matches a player A will win, the coefficient will be equal to 2, that is the player can double his bet in case of a win. He was waiting for the results, and saw that the player A had lost. What is important here? The essence is, in principle, the same as in the previous example. There was no contractual match, “the seller” just chose the winner at random. If a player A wins, it is good, may be the seller will be able to sell the “unique information”, in case of a loss he will have to find another man. It is worth noting that at a short distance martingale system allows you to achieve the probability of being in the plus for 80%. Therefore slightly modifying the system, it is possible for an hour of the demo game to have the probability of positive result of above 75%. Only at a distance the player will still lose.

So don’t spend time viewing data of demonstrations. But if you pursue the goal of making fun of the seller, then I shall only support this idea. Ask him, for example, to test the system for real money, as the show is mainly for funny money that is meaningless, as there is a supposition that the casino owners specially change game in favor of the gambler, in order to draw him to play for real money. So ask the seller to do it not just for real money, but for example, on the tables with limits of $10-$1000. It is not dangerous, after all, the system allows you to win $100 a day, so there must be no problems with dollars, and playing at the lower limits using his super system should be uninteresting for him ;).

What conclusion can we draw from all this? The answer is: do not purchase such systems! In more than half of the cases, you will be sold an non-working system, forcing you to pay two times for the purchase of the system and for the loss in the casino. In the rest half of the cases, you will purchase the system, the basis of which will be a grain of truth, but to use it will be hard enough, and all data can be found for free on the Internet. The only advice I can offer you can be studying the material part of it, i.e. mathematics, the theory of probability, mathematical statistics and other things. It will be more useful to raise your chances to win. Good luck and be careful!

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