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High Variance Pick and Match Bonus Games

tomb-raider-slotThere are certainly no shortages of slot games that you can play online on which you are going to find lots of different bonus games, and it is the video slots that you will find tend to offer the most exciting bonus games to play off.

However, do keep in mind that some of the older styled 3 reel slots and certainly the fruit machines that are available at plenty of casino sites can offer all manner of unique bonus games and bonus features too.

But if you like playing off pick and match type bonus games on which when triggered you have to pick off locations from the bonus game screen, in the hope you reveal matching symbols to win a cash award then this guide is certainly going to be of great interest to you!

Below you will find a roundup of some of the best and most volatile slots on which a pick and match type of bonus game can be triggered, and due to the high variance natures of those bonus games and bonus feature you could win some mega amounts of cash when playing them off, with a little bit of luck of course, so read on a you are going to love everything about the following slot games!


Progressive Pick and Match Slot Bonus Games

Playing at a Playtech powered casino and getting stuck into playing any of their range of Marvel Jackpot slots will always give you the chance of winning big from a pick and match bonus game, however that bonus game is ever so slightly different to most others available on other slots!

For when you do play any of the large and growing number of Marvel Jackpot slots designed by Playtech then you can be randomly awarded with a pick and match bonus game and when triggered you then pick off locations as is standard from the bonus game screen.

However, it doesn’t matter at which stake levels you play any of those slot games of you can have a chance of triggering their respective pick and match bonus games at random and when you do trigger it you will then be guaranteed of winning one of several progressive jackpots.

Therefore those types of slots are going to be the very best ones you can play at any of our featured Playtech software powered online or mobile casino sites, so make sure you do get stuck into playing them soon!


Pick and Match Free Spins Awarding Slots

There will be a number of multi-stage bonus game awarding slots which will offer you initial a pick and match of pick and win type of bonus game and will then progress through to the next stage of the bonus feature game.

Take for example the Prime Property slot from Microgaming or the Moonshine slot, when you are lucky enough to trigger the main bonus game on either of those two slots you have to first play off a picking game.

You are initially awarded with a set number of free spins and a base multiplier amount when the bonus game has been triggered, but by playing off the bonus game you can add additional free spins to that initial set of them and can also increase the multiplier values too.

However, one thing to note when playing off the picking games on those two Microgaming designed and supplied slot games is that you will need to keep on picking off locations with multipliers or free spins hiding beneath them to carry on playing off the bonus picking game, if you reveal a start free spins message then the free spins start to play off and the picking game ends instantly!



As long as you always keep in mind that when playing any type of slot game on which there is something of a high variance bonus game you are going to get different results when playing off those bonus games you will always be prepared for what the slots are going to throw at you!

Whilst you can have some huge and mega paying pick and match bonus games when playing such slots it is always worth noting that sometimes those bonus games may pay you out very little.

However, the more often you play those games and the more often you manage to trigger their respective bonus games you will then find you do get plenty of different sized winning payouts, some of which may just be mage paying ones, which is of course what you will be hoping for.

Always keep your stake levels to amounts that you can afford to play any high variance slot game or any slot offering a high variance bonus game, as being volatile slots you are of course going to experience some longer than average losing streaks before those huge paying ones come your way

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