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How Can I Get More Slot Comps?

atlantis-slotWe are aware that many online slot players will only ever play slot games online at casino sites that are going to give them high valued bonuses however there are a growing number of real money online lot players who shun all bonuses offered them and will stick to playing online slots with only their own funds.

The reason players opt to shun casino bonuses when playing slots online is that they are then able to play any slot games they like with none of the restrictions attached to using bonuses and bonus credits.

However, no matter whether you play with your own funds or with an added casino bonus, whenever you do play slot game online for real money you are going to be earning comp points as part of the loyalty scheme or comp club at each online casino, and those points can then be turned into additional playing credits at a time of your own choosing.

With that in mind we have put together the following guide which is going to let you know how you can earn more comp points when playing slot game online and this guide will be worth reading through, for the more comp points you accumulate at any online casino site the more additional free credits you will be given.


Unique Casino Comp Clubs

One thing that you may be blissfully unaware of is that even though many online or for that matter mobile casinos sites may have the same online casino software and suite of casino games that other casinos have on offer, the actual comp clubs at those casino sites can be quite different.

You will find it is the casinos that are not part of a large chain of online casinos sites do tend to have the most rewarding and most unique comp clubs on offer to their players so do always check out what any casino site you are thinking of signing up to is going to offer you by way of their comp clubs.

Some casinos which are part of a large chain of casinos may let you pool your comp points when playing at any of their casino sites, which may be of interest to you if you like to play at different casinos sites, as by pooling your point you will earn more of them more regularly!


High RTP Slot Games

One thing that you will need to be aware of is that every single online slot machine you will come across will have its own unique playing structure, set of payouts and much more importantly each slot will have its own long term expected payout percentage.

You will often find listed on an online or mobile casinos website a full list of every single slot machine those sites have on offer in their respective gaming suite and that listing will include the long term expected payout percentage each of those slot games is expected to return to player over their long term play.

With that in mind one of the best ways you can earn yourself much more slot comps is by simply option to play the slot which boasts the very highest of payout percentages, as by doing so more of your stakes will be returned to you over your long term play as winning payouts and that will in turn see you earning many more comp points too!



If you are thinking of playing slot machines online then as part of your selection process for choosing just which casino sites are going to be offering you the best of everything you should read through several of our online and mobile casino reviews!

By doing so you will discover just which software company powers each of those casino sites and will also discover just what types of slot game you are going to be able to access and play at each of our featured sites.

In fact you should also pay a visit to those casinos websites as by doing so that is where you will find an full overview in regards to what each casinos comp club will be offering you for many casinos sites have their own unique comp club and as such by shopping around you are then going to be able to compare what is on offer and sign up to a casino site offering you the most rewarding comp club.

One other thing to note is that many casinos not only offer a generous comp club by when you play at some sites regularly those casinos are going to offer you a very wide range of tailor made slot game promotional offers which can include things such a deposit match bonuses and even free sets of slot game spins on which you can keep the winnings!

So hunt around this website and checkout our featured casinos as they have all been handpicked and will all offer you something different!

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