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How Can Slots Payout More than 100%?

dolphin-tale-slotThere are many questions that slot players may have regarding the way their favourite slot games work and operate. In an ongoing series of articles we are going to enlighten you on a whole array of topics which we hope will give you a much better understanding of the way both online and land based slot games work.

When you play any kind of slot games whether they are 3 Reel Classic Slots or Multi Line Slot Games you will find that every single slot machine has been designed with something known as a long term payout percentage.

This payout percentage is usually displayed somewhere on the slot games screen or in the help files or even mentioned on the pay table of that game, and it is a figure that is presented as a percentage. The payout percentage of any slot machine is going to be the amount of cash that has been wagered on that game that is returned to players as winnings.

The average payout percentage found on the vast majority of online slot games is usually somewhere in between 94% and 96%, however each slot game differs, and when you are playing for example a slot game which boasts a payout percentage of 96%, then for every $100 wagered on that game a total of $96 will be returned as winning payouts.

You do need to be aware though that the $96 in winnings will be paid out over the long term, and as such the actual payout percentage you may achieve when playing any slot game playing session can and will vary wildly! Be aware that players and slot game designers often refer to a slot games payout percentage as the RTP of the slot which simply means Return to Player.

Your actual payout percentage that you will achieve when playing any slot game will be determined by many different factors. These factors include the amount of cash you wagered along with just how much you win during the session.

If at any time you have played a slot game and have won more than you have wagered then your payout percentage for that single slot playing session is going to be in excess of 100%.


How to Work Out Individual Slot Session Payout Percentages

If you wish to learn how to work out just what payout percentage you have achieved when playing any type of slot game whether online or in a land based venue then allow us to show you just how easy it is. You do not need to be a genius at maths to work out your individual slot playing session RTP’s, so keep on reading to find out how to do this.

You need to keep track of two things when playing a slot game to accurately be able to work out the payout percentage on any one session. The first piece of information you need is the total amount of cash that you wagered accumulatively throughout that session.

So each time you set the reels into live play keep a note of the stakes you played that spin for and keep a running total of the total amount of wagers played through that game. If you trigger any form of bonus feature that awards free spins or free games do not count those no cost spins in your total amount wagered set of figures, only count slot spins that removed cash from your account balance to fund those spins!

Next you need to know just how much you won on any one single slot playing session you are monitoring. Winnings are classed for this exercise as any amount of cash than was credited to you account balance during or at the end of any one single spin played off.

If you spun in a winning combination and those winnings ended up being credited to your account balance then count that as winnings, any bonus games awarded during or at the end of any single spin played off that saw cash being credited to your account balance should also be included in this figure.

Do not count any money you won but then lost via any form of gamble game, as those winnings at no point were credited to your account balance and since you lost them then they are not to be added to your accumulative winnings total.

Once you have got both sets of figures simply divide the total winnings by the total stakes. If the total you arrive at begins with a zero followed by a decimal point, remove the decimal point and the zero and the first two figures left is your RTP for that session. If you end up with a figure higher than zero, simply remove the decimal point and the first three digits will be the RTP of that session!

If that has somewhat confused you allow us to give you an example. Let us say you wagered a total of 73.90 in one session and won a total of 49.60 on that session, by dividing 49.60 by 73.90 you get 0.6711, by removing the zero and the decimal point and using the first two numbers left we get 67, and as such the payout percentage for that session was 67%!



The best types of slot game you can choose to play are always going to be those games with the very highest payout percentages. You may have to spend some time looking around from casino to casino to find the actual RTP’s listed on each slot game but it really will be worth doing.

You will find some online slots have been set to return some every high long term expected payout percentages, and by always sticking to playing those slot games you will have an increased chance of winning whenever you play then, thanks solely to the higher than average payout percentages.

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