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How Configurable are NetEnt Slots?

devils-delight-slotOne thing you should always try and do if you love nothing more than logging onto an online casino site to play slot games is to make sure the slots you will be accessing at your chosen casino site come with lots of configurable option settings.

By doing so you will find that you can then configure each slot game you have chosen to play in such a way that you have a much more tailored and personal slot playing experience, and one slot game designer who has designed a large and growing range of fully configurable slots is NetEnt.

As such below you will find an overview of some of the many different ways that you are always going to be able to configure their slots in such a way that you will always have enjoyable slot playing session when playing any of their slots.

It is also worth also nothing that you can configure the range of NetEnt slots to your own preferences when playing them in the real money more of when you are simply playing any of them for free via the demo mode versions of each game too!


Stakes Levels and Auto Play

You will have the option of playing NetEnt slots for any stake level you wish to play them for, and that includes being able to set the stake levels down as low as one cent or one penny per spin, however be aware that on many NetEnt slots there will also be an option of playing several coins on each of the pay lines you do activate.

Some of the newer slots from NetEnt boast fixed pay lines and as such if you give any of those types of slot any amount of play time you are forced to have to play each of the pay lines attached to those slots.

However, the optional payline slots will give you full control over just how many pay lines you activate and put into play, so those slots will be suitable for every level of player.

There is also an auto play setting that you could or may find useful when playing NetEnt designed slots and when you put that auto play option into play then the slot will play off as many spins as you want to play off automatically. You will however be able to set the pay lines and stakes yourself when using the auto play option, and a max bet button is attached to all multi-stake NetEnt slots too!


Additional NetEnt Slot Game Option Settings

Some of the additional option settings you will find on offer on most if not all NetEnt slots include one that will allow you to turn off the introduction video that will play when you launch some of their more advanced slot games.

Also another very handy option setting that a lot of slot players do tent to make use of when playing NetEnt slots is the Quick Spin option. By you turning on and activating the Quick Spin option setting the reels of the slot or slots you are playing will spin and stop much quicker than they usually do allowing you to play off lots of spins very quickly.

Animations can also be turned on and off as can the audio sound effects that will be playing off when you play any NetEnt slot game online, and also on many slot games you will also be able to adjust the quality of the graphics based on the type of computer you are accessing their range of slot games on! So you will certainly find you do have full control over the way in which all NetEnt slots will be playing off when you give any of them any amount of play time online!



One way of you being able to play around with the option settings attached to any NetEnt designed slot game you come across is by you allocating some play time to playing their range of slot games for free and at no risk.

You will find that as soon as you visit the websites of any of our higher rated NetEnt casino sites you will be able to play all of their slot games and other casino games at no risk via their instant play gaming platform.

By doing so you will then be given an unlimited amount of demo mode credits and then will be able to launch any of their available slot games and use to those demo mode credits to test them out.

Whilst doing so you will then be able to play around with all of the option settings and will quickly discover the settings that you like to have activated when playing their slots, so make sure that is something you do sooner rather than later as the very best slot playing experiences will always be offered at sites that do offer fully configurable slot games such as those slots designed and supplied by NetEnt!

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