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How do AWP Slots Differ from Casino Styled Slots?

An AWP gaming machine is a type of slot machine that is most commonly found in the UK, however you are going to find quite a number of online and mobile casino sites that now offer those types of slots to their players and they are proving to be quite popular.

AWP means Amusement with Prizes and often players refer to those machines as simply fruit machines, for their reel symbols are mainly fruit related symbols.

What differentiates them from casino styled slot machines is that they offer many more bonus games and bonus features in fact some AWP’s can trigger their bonus games and/or features on every spin you play off too, so you will get plenty of entertainment value when playing them.

Their design is usually as a three reel single pay line type of slot so you will not usually be forced to have to put into play lot of optional pay lines, and as such they can be very cost effective slots to play as you will only be required to wager one coin on hat pay line per spin you choose to play off!


Bonus Games and Bonus Features

The bonus features and bonus games can vary on each AWP, however there are some that are fairly standard ones and are often found on the vast majority of such slots.

You will find these such as the Hold Feature which will allow you to hold any reels in place for the next spin you play off when that feature has been awarded to you. In fact, you may find that feature being offered to you after you have just spin in a winning combination, and by holding the reels containing that winning combination you will then of course win it again on the next spin!

There are also lots of fruit machines that offer something known as a Nudge Feature. When that base game feature is awarded to you which it can do after you have just played off a base game spin, you will be able to nudge any of the reels downwards and sometimes upwards a certain number of times, with the aim of hopefully forming a winning combination.

The main bonus games that can also be triggered when playing AWP machines are quite varied and will always add another reel of excitement and fun to your gaming session when they have been triggered and awarded to you!


Payouts and Stake Levels

As mentioned above as there is usually only one pay line on AWP’s and as the coin value settings can be set to some very low amounts you will find you can play those types of slot machines for some very low and reasonable stake levels.

Then payouts that can be spun in or won on the game will be displayed on the pay table, however the payout percentages are often much higher in value on online and mobile slot machines than they are on land based fruit machines.

In fact, when playing fruit machines in some land based locations you could end up playing one that offers a payout percentage of just 70%, however the ones we have seen at most online and mobile casino sites have payout percentages in the mid to high 90’s ranges.

So you will be much better off playing them online or on a mobile device if you want more play time and more winning payouts from your stake money and bankroll! It is usually a fixed coin jackpot these slot machines have on offer so you will rarely find a fruit machine offering progressive jackpots!



It is usually the case that players who usually only play casinos styled slot machines are going to have to spend some time getting used to playing AWP machines if they do choose to play them, for their respective bonus games can bonus features can and do take some getting used to!

However, you will always find them very appealing slot games to play if you are the type of player who does want to get lots of play time but of their bankroll and plenty of entertainment value too.

Most casino sites, both online and mobile casino sites, that do offer a range of AWP and fruit machines will give you the option of testing all of them out for free an at no risk, and that is probably the best way you should play  them initially to get used to their unique playing structures.

One way to get even more play time out of playing those types of gaming machines will be by playing them in a real money playing environment but once you have claimed a high valued deposit match type o bonus, and that will give you a much bigger bankroll to then set about playing them all with!

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