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How Do I Access My Gaming Logs?

dragon-lady-slotOne thing that is very important to you if you are an online slot player is that you should always make sure that you know how much you are spending, and also you should keep track of the individual slot playing sessions you have when playing for real money.

It is way too easy for you to spend more than you expected to do when playing slot games in any playing environment, much more so however when you are playing slots from the comfort of your own home online.

Staying in control and knowing your overall win or loss levels will also help you keep track of just where you stand and will also act as a way of knowing if you should cut back on your spending if things simply are not going your way over time!

One thing that all licensed and regulated casino sites are going to allow you to do is to access and review your own slot playing gaming sessions, and there are two different ways that you can do that.

Some casino sites will allow you to access your gaming logs online when you log into your casino account, however some casino sites will send you out your gaming logs when you request them. Those logs will be sent out via email in a spreadsheet or word document type file.


Can I Claim Additional Bonuses if I am Losing?

Whilst many slot players will simply access their gaming logs to enable them to see how profitable or not their slot playing sessions have been, many of those players will use that information to help them acquire additional extra bonuses and comps from a casino site!

If you are  a regular player at some casino sites and you experience one or more than one very poor paying slot sessions at those sites when playing with your own money as opposed to playing of free, then it may be possible to be awarded with some form of discretionary bonus form those casino sites!

So if you have accessed your gaming logs and have noticed that you have experienced a couple of very poor paying sessions when your single session RTP’s have been very low it may be worth you contacting the customer support team at that casino site and ask them is there any chance of a free bonus to make up for those low paying sessions, some casinos will give you a small comp but others won’t. But you won’t get anything if out don’t ask!


How Can I Cash Out More Regularly?

One thing you will have to get into a habit of doing when you are playing slot games online for real money is cashing out regularly when you have increased the value of your bankroll through a series of winning outcomes.

One way that you will be able to cash out more regularly when playing slots online is for you to set yourself a win goal on each slot playing session you have online, the winning goal you should pick should always be a modest percentage of your starting bankroll.

The smaller the winning goal you select the more chances you will have of achieving that goal, set your winning goal very high and your chances of making the goal will reduce quite noticeably!

So if you are playing with let’s say 50.00 as your starting bankroll then set your winning goal as either 50% or 100% of that amount. When you reach your goal cash out your winnings and your starting bankroll and call it a day!



You really should make the effort to keep records of your gambling activities as by doing so you will find the information very handy and will then get a much greater sense of whether you are winning or losing over the long term.

You should also ensure you set yourself a gambling budget either per day, per week or per month and by keeping detailed records of your deposits and cash outs you will also be able to instantly see if you have reached your budget or not.

Also try and use just one type of banking option for making your deposits and withdrawals to and from any casino sites that you are a member of, and also make sure that you are not forced to have to pay any fees or charges for using that payment option.

You will be surprised if you do keep detailed records of your gambling activities how much you end up paying when moving money around online using some payment options, and by selecting a fee free one or a very low fee charging payment option you will keep more of your money as opposed to losing a chunk of your gambling budget paying fees and charges!

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