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How Do I Deposit Using a Prepaid Card or Voucher?

hot-air-slotThere are a growing number of real money mobile and online slot players who wish to play slot games online via their computers or via their mobile device but do not wish to have to give out any of their own personal banking information when making a deposit.

This is something that many online and mobile casinos know, respect and understand and as such you are going to find a small range of different methods that will allow you to make a deposit into your casino accounts but by using a prepaid payment method.

This slot playing guide is going to be introducing you to ways that you can make deposit into most if not all real money mobile and casino accounts using one of several different prepayment methods, so please read on for more details.


Prepaid Debit Cards

You will be able to purchase a prepaid debit card form lots of different retail outlets, and as such if you have been looking around or a way of funding an online casino account but in a way that will not require you to have to use funds in for example a bank account then this is going to be the ideal way for you to deposit.

Many players are very wary about using a debit card that is linked up to their bank account for they may be tempted to deposit more than they can afford and could end up emptying their bank account when gambling online, which is something no slot player should ever do!

However, if you make the wise decision of visiting any retail outlet that offers prepaid debit cards you can then load onto that card the exact amount you wish to gamble with, and by doing so you are only ever going to be able to deposit what you have loaded onto that card, so the chance of your overspending is going to be none existent!

There are both Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards available, but please be aware that you are not usually going to be able to have your winnings refunded back to a prepaid debit card, so if you do decide to make a deposit with one of them you will need to have another way of you being able to withdraw any and all winnings you are lucky enough to achieve.


Prepaid Vouchers

PaySafeCard is the most commonly used prepaid voucher system by casino players in many different countries of the world and as such if you are looking to make deposits using such a voucher then that is the one to use and hundreds of different online and mobile casino sites will let you fund your account with a PaySafeCard voucher.

However, for you to be able to purchase one of their vouchers you will first need to visit their website and make use of the store finder tool, when you do you simply enter your post code into the store finder and by clicking ok you will then find displayed on the web page a list of all of the nearest shops to your home that sell PaySafeCard vouchers.

All that you then need to do is to visit those stores and request a voucher, and by doing so you will be presented with a voucher based on the amount of cash you hand over and want loading onto it.

The voucher has a unique code number printed on it and you simply log into your favourite casino site, click on the baking page or interface and then select PaySafeCard as your deposit option. You simply then fill in the number printed on the voucher and the amount you had loaded onto it and your funds will then show up in your account instantly.



If you do fancy now making a deposit into any of our featured online or mobile casino sites using a prepaid payment option then do be aware that out are still going to be able to make use of those sites new player sign up bonuses.

With that in mind please do spend a little time looking through our website and paying careful attention to the casino reviews we have compiled and loaded up throughout this website.

For each of those handpicked and fully licensed casino sites all have their own unique and exclusive sign up bonuses that you are going to be able to make use of.

The deposit match bonuses that many of them have on offer are high valued bonuses and offer you the very best value and you will be pleased to learn that you are going to be able to claim them even if you do make a deposit using any type of prepaid debit card or prepaid voucher such as PaySafeCard.

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