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How Do I Enter a Casino Slot Race Competition?

 A very sharp learning curve is what you are going to be going on, if and when you start playing at any online casino sites, and you are going to come across all manner of unique terms and phrases that are used in that playing environment too!

If you are a slot player then you are going to be attracted to take part in some of the many ongoing promotional offers that are often available to players at various different online casino sites, and will also be tempted to take part in some slot playing competitions too.

As such, today I am going o be enlightening you on just what a slot race is, for many casino sites have started to add slot races to their calendar of ongoing slot playing events and there can often be some huge cash prizes available to players who do take part in a slot race and win them!

A slot race is simply a competition which you take part in initially be opting into that competition, and then set about playing one or a range of slot games chosen by the case site with your own real money funds.

A range of cash or bonus credit prizes are then going to be awarded to the players who accumulate the most comp points based on the amount of play time they give those slot games over a set given period of time.


How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

As you take part in a slot race the more spins you can get out of your allocated bankroll the more chances you will then have of winning one of the cash or bonus credit prizes attached to any slot race.

Therefore it is very important that you pick the slots you are going to play very carefully, for some slot games are designed in such a way that they are going to pay out more to players over the long term, and by actively looking for and then playing those slot you are going to be able to recycle your bankroll and should get more play time by doing so and will then earn more comp points too.

Look out for slot games that have a low variance type of playing structure, for due to the way those slot games have been designed you should get more winning spins spinning in which will help you earn more comp points!


Tracking Down High RTP Slots

You will find plenty of slot games to play at any online casino site, but those that have been designed with much higher payout percentages often referred to as RTP’s are going to be the ideal ones to play when you are taking part in any online casinos slot race.

You do however often have to make some effort in tracking down which slot games have been designed with much higher payout percentages, and as such make sure that is something you do before you start to play.

For reference you could find some slot games that have payout percentages on offer in the high 80% ranges, but you will also find plenty of them that are designed to return to player’s payout percentages above 97%, and they are the ones you should be looking to play.

However, at the end of the day all online slot machines and slot games have been designed to be completely random, so you are always going to be at the mercy of luck when playing them, but over time you will get more winning payouts from slot games that have been designed with higher than average payout percentages!



It may also be worth your while tracking down and playing at any online casino sites that have a daily schedule of slot tournaments too, of they offer you the chance of winning big by paying a small entry fee to take part in those slot tournaments.

In fact, with a little bit of research and hunting around you will find quite a lot of online casino sites that are going to be offering you a range of free to enter slot tournaments, so when taking part in them you will not have to pay anything to enter them but have the chance of winning either bonus credits or real cash credits.

There are however a huge number of different ways that an online slot tournament can be structured, and as such I would urge you to take a look at some of my additional slot tournament playing guides, for by doing so you will then discover how each different types of slot tournament have been designed and what they are going to be offering you as an entrant of each of them too, and will also let you know just what you could win too!

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